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This group was created for women dealing with mental illness, specifically Depression, Generalized Anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder (those without any mental illness are also welcome!) Its goal is to serve as a supportive group, and to build new friendships by participating in activities belonging to three types of categories: Fun Activities, Group Sharing, and Charity Events. This can be a great chance to surround yourself with those who, you know, don't question why you can't socialize, work, or attend things sometimes. Or how you can't really explain certain things, because its not visible to others. Or how some days you just sleep forever and live like a hermit, since those who don't understand can't see how you are usually more aware of reality than the majority of the population, and that on any given day the roles could be reversed. This can be a time to be surrounded by those who just, get it, and see all of you - how this thing people label as taboo is just a part of someone who is also hilarious, witty, wise, goofy, kind, inspirational, influential, brave, highly functioning, and just overall awesome.

Category descriptions:

Fun Activities: Since, lets face it, as women dealing with mental illness, we still deserve to do whatever the hell we want. Dancing, yoga, pottery, painting, having potlucks, playing with therapy dogs, attending performances/concerts, gardening, and any other suggestions the group proposes.

Group Sharing: Creating a safe space for everyone to talk about anything they'd like, from feelings and what they're going through, to useful references, or current events.

Charity Events: To reinforce giving back to the community and world, providing a sense of meaning and purpose. This includes volunteering at shelters, hospitals, schools, or holding charity drives.

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