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Learning to Thrive with Autoimmunity
If you are tired of feeling tired or if you are tired of going from doctor to doctor with no solid answers about your health issues, then this discussion might be for you. Offered by DR KERRI NEVIN, a Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach certified by the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Nevin will share her experience with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and her path to healing. The benefits of following a plant based diet will be addressed.

Dr. Nevin has made it her mission to discover her personal formula for optimal health. Based on her expertise as a clinician, wellness coach and her own personal experience with thyroid disease, Dr. Nevin created the THRIVE Program: Mind/Body Wellness for Autoimmune Conditions.

The 7 Steps to Optimal Health for Autoimmunity will be discussed:
• Understanding the potential cause for autoimmunity
• Adrenal fatigue/liver functioning
• The benefits of a plant based diet and autoimmunity
• Heavy metal detox smoothie
• The anti-viral protocol
• Cultivating positive emotional momentum

Food. Much of our life revolves around it. But for most of us, the real power of food, to either improve our health or to sabotage it, simply is not something we've been taught. Oh, sure, tv ads have caused us to believe certain things about certain foods, but is what the advertisers tell us really true?

We're on a journey to learn all we can about food, about health, about what we can do to help ourselves live healthier longer, and we invite you to come along! We'll share what we've learned, and we encourage you to do the same. But we like to have FUN, too! So this isn't just about learning about food...it's about CONNECTING with other people who also want to learn, to share, to just "hang out" and enjoy the company of nice folks and some good food.

What will you find at each meeting?
• Brief video about the current meeting’s topic
• Helpful presentation and discussion to encourage healthy eating for you and your family
• Plenty of tasty, HEALTHY food to eat
• Question and Answer period

The purpose of all of our PBNM Groups is to support efforts towards good health by preventing and reversing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer by eating more plant based foods. We support and welcome all individuals no matter what their current dietary preferences.

PBNM Groups will allow you to experience first hand how wonderful plant based foods can taste while learning many health topics and connecting with other people working toward improving their health.

For more information, visit PBNM.org

We'll meet monthly in Schaumburg, the 1st Wednesday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Mark your calendars. We hope you'll join us!!!