What we're about

Coaches and healers who create vibrant personal and business growth, and worldwide healing: Join us to enjoy learning, networking and collaboration, while getting expert support and guidance to build the practice of your dreams and heal the world.

Topics we focus on:

- Cutting-edge healing techniques
- New advanced coaching skills
- Client attraction systems
- Breaking down barriers to success
- Creating win-win personal and professional relationships to heal others
- Having fun!

The growth of coaching and healing is shifting the paradigm of healthcare, personal growth and business in our country and the world. We see more heart-centered conscious people stepping up to be the "major players" and influencers on the planet.

--> Join us and be part of this exciting, wonderful shift as we heal the world.

Please Note: This group is for Coaches and Practitioners only. Sales reps and MLM (unless the product is integrated into your practice) may not join, as the meetings are geared specifically to support practice building, coaching and healing skills, and practitioner community creation.

Jason E. Rosado

Business Coach

Certified Big Money Business Coach

Certified Instant Miracle Healing Master & Master Teacher

Helping service business owners to triple their revenue, create stellar employees and enjoy more worry-free and stress-free time off. Join our Facebook community to get resources, training and coaching: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BigTimeBizGrowth

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