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Chicagoland Power BI User Group is a business analytics minded group. Focus of the user group is to share experiences with the fast growing features of Power BI. Audience of the user group is business analysts, managers, Excel users... anybody who wants to explore data.

Chicagoland Power BI User Group is part of the Microsoft Power BI User Group Program. Microsoft is not responsible for content on this website or activities that take place at Group meetings.

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Power BI User Group Meeting – April 2019

Microsoft Technology Center

We are SO EXCITED to announce our next User Group Meeting, but even more so for what we have planned for upcoming months! Based on the feedback from our last meeting, we are launching our “Project Professional” Advanced Workshop Program at our next meeting. Our First meeting will be an overview of the program & beginning the first workshop course, so bring your computer! Files Needed: - Download from here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AnJP3dkXtV6GgxhXQIjHKFqx-P-p What is it: Interactive Education & Training building off the Dashboard in an Hour workshop format. The meetings will focus on best practices, interactive report building, and developing advanced skills in Power BI. The workshops will also focus n providing solutions by using both Power BI Technical Skills as well as Business Case for various scenarios. Goals: To develop the necessary skills to be an effective Power BI Professional using both technical & business skills in a Business Intelligence environment. Members should develop understanding on how to approach BI solutions for their stakeholders & be effective in manifesting that through their Reports & data visualization. As such, members will become knowledgeable on the technical features in Power BI & how to apply them. Skills 1. Business Understanding on approaching Data 2. Expertise in Power BI features & tools a. Query Editor functions/features b. Data View / DAX understanding c. Report View / Visualizing Data 3. Problem solving skills & techniques to approach common BI use cases

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Power BI for Enterprise Performance Management

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