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Welcome to Chicago Wedding & Fashion Photography group!

Please put your hands together to share & learn photography techniques,lighting,Posing etc and most importantly to build the portfolio...

We will try to have at least 1 to 2 shoots a month and we will try to make it fruitful for everyone...


1. Models, Please attend the shoot ONLY if you are ready to sign the Model Release form for the photographers to share the edited & unedited images in social media & websites.

2. If you signup for a shoot, please be present without fail. If you cannot make it please update the group ASAP. Continuous NO SHOW leads to termination from the group.


1. UPLOAD PICTURES WITHOUT FAIL - Photographers should upload the pictures to meetup with in couple of weeks without fail.
2. HIGH RESOLUTION PICTURE - Meetup can take up to 10MB in size for EACH PHOTO. So please make sure to upload the pictures at high resolution. I usually set the size/pixel (to 8 Mega Pixel) in Lightroom Export setting to make sure it doesn’t cross 10 MB size. You can do batch upload in Meetup by clicking the "+" (add photos) icon in the album.
3. MINIMUM 5 - 10 EDITED GOOD PICTURES OF EACH MODEL - We are making it mandate for each photographers to upload minimum of 5 - 10 pictures of EACH MODEL you shoot. All of them have to be edited to your best before you upload.
4. BRANDING & LOGO - The Logo has to be small (less than 5% of the Total Image size).I have been receiving complaints that people put out Logo so big, it even blocks portion the image.
5. CLOSE-UPS for Makeup artists - Please try to do some close up shots for Makeup artists to use it on their portfolio.

We will be monitoring the same going forward. If we notice any photographer fail to upload continuously, they will be terminated from the group.

Thanks for joining the group & Expecting your support to make it Successful!

Welcome again & Lets Start Shooting!

Please feel free to come up with ideas/theme/location for the shoot...

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