What we're about

Are you feeling stuck?
Do you feel that you need to change something in your life, but don’t know exactly what?
Do you need some starting point? some action? some new connections maybe?
Developing some personal skills in a supportive environment?
Do you wanna boost your self-esteem and self-confidence?
Do you want to overcome fear and achieve your goals?
We absolutely understand you, we have been there too!
That is why we decided to take action and start changing our (inner)worlds together! It is just funnier this way!
If you want to work on your personal development, have some extra support or make some friends next to you so you can share your struggles, your inner conversations and get extra boost…
Here we are!
Judgement is not an option! We are willing to take vulnerability on our side!
We want to grow, evolve, shine and we want FUN!
We are a bunch of strong-beautiful-women / super-heroines living in Berlin empowering each other toward successful changes in our lives.
We are making an impact in others women lives.
We know you are powerful!
We know you are creative!
We know you want much more from life! (From your life in Berlin!)
Let's gather together in a community of like-minded-strong women willing to support each other during this trip called LIFE!
Let’s have provocative conversations and challenging activities together. Join us for a glass of wine or two!
Fernanda D’Emery is a kick ass life coach based in Berlin who believes that finding your inner purpose in life gives you the power to access your strengths and to deal with your weaknesses in the most mindful way. With BSc in Business, MBA in Finance and MSc in Environmental Management, as well as an extension course and tons of hours of sessions in life and professional coaching, she became one Chica Superpoderosa to share some of her tools and to inspire other strong women to become the best version of themselves! Let’s learn with her how to plan, define milestones and think strategically towards our goals. Let’s also listen to some mostly (not) funny analogies and some (attempts of) smart jokes.
Ivone Herrera is a Life Coach, with experience as a professional trainer and personnel development.  She considers life as a process of experiencing and constant learning, which leads to transformation and growing. She is been in the dark side of life -depressed- and then she decided to bring herself back again to the bright side.  Ivone knows that we are powerful beyond measure and we just need to find it out! Ivone became one Chica Superpoderosa because she wants to share with you some of her life experiences and tricks so you can rise and fight for the life you want. She wants to support you in your journey!

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