What we're about

Chichester Humanists provide a range of activities for non-religious people to meet, socialise, debate and support each other.

Our events provide opportunities to:

-Meet and socialise with like-minded people.

-Campaign on humanist and secularist issues.

-Learn, exchange ideas, and debate issues.

-Volunteer and engage in other charitable work.

-Represent humanist and secularist views.

-Promote and celebrate scientific and rational thinking.

-Promote Humanism as a life-stance.

-Have fun!

Partner group of Humanists UK.

Upcoming events (3)

Think 'n' Drink

Muchos Nachos

Join us in Muchos Nachos from 19.30 on Tuesday 22nd October for drinks, discussion and debate. Anyone and everyone is welcome — we look forward to seeing you! Discussion topics for this week: -Does technology bring people closer together? -Is patriotism a force for good? -What would a humanist Ten Commandments look like?

The Religious and the Secular: True Enemies?

Muchos Nachos


Join us in Muchos Nachos on Tuesday 26th November to hear from Hannah Timson on 'The Religious and the Secular: True Enemies?'. As our country becomes more non-religious, public life is becoming increasingly secular, despite the fact that we have an established church and a state religion. The focal points of social life, which have historically been religious, are fading away. Following the rise of the New Atheist movement around the turn of the century, you might be forgiven for believing that 'The Religious' and 'The Secular' are at completely different ends of the spectrum, that secularism and atheism are necessarily intertwined and that non-religious people have nothing to learn from religion. In this talk, Hannah will address the rising levels of loneliness in the UK and the falling levels of religiosity, as well as looking at whether there is anything that religious groups can teach the non-religious about community and the importance of tradition. Does secularism necessarily entail the decline of religious traditions? Once an evangelical Christian, Hannah is a Masters student studying Sociology at the University of Exeter. She recently graduated with a first in Theology and Religion and her research focus is on the growth and development of non-religious communities and dialogue between religious and non-religious people. Hannah was President and President Emeritus of Humanist Students, the student section of Humanists UK from[masked] where she oversaw a rebrsnding and the beginning of Nonreligious Pastoral Care in Universities. She has appeared on television on 'Living with the Amish' (2011) and on podcasts including 'Unbelievable?'. All are welcome — we look forward to an engaging and informative evening. Entry is £3.

Winter Social

Muchos Nachos

Chichester Humanists and Chichester Skeptics in the Pub are teaming up for a winter social We don’t mind what you celebrate (or if you celebrate anything at all) at this time of year, but you’re all invited to join us at Muchos Nachos on Tuesday 10th December at 19:30. There's a great range of food and drinks, and we can promise good company to keep the cold of winter at bay. All are welcome! We look forward to seeing you and your friends.

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Assisted Dying: Controlling Your Own Death

Muchos Nachos


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