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Its just about spring...mud season at my place!! Come out and lets talk about mites, lice, dust baths, new coops, and chicks!!

Many of us are hatching and ordering...building new casitas and thinking substrate....There are hawks circling (they're baaaccckkk) and too many weasels and minks out, its an important time to reinforce everything and double check how we are storing our feed, and every corner of our runs.

So, lets have a cosi sunday meal (or hot drink, s'mores, dessert) and discuss.

Bring pics of your coops (even on your cell phones or email em to me and Ill bring my laptop so we can see them.

I have books available and will perhaps bring some samples for sale (at a discount of course, and remember, I don't pass on costs of running this Meetup to you, so selling books is one way I can make up for costs.) I also have an order in for some promo magazines...lets see if they get here on time! Hatching eggs are available and my ducks are just starting to lay!! I have a few large white duck hens to rehome, and they are great for eggs; these are not for meat. they need a forever home and a pool or pond, and safe little house to be happy. I will have turkey poults available very soon also.

I am working on my next hatching program for the public school teachers of a nearby CT town, and my presentation at Copia Nursery in South Salem (which will be a Meetup, look for the announcement soon.) This is a new outlet for supplies and feed, and they are very interested in cooperating with us to bring us feed at a reasonable cost, delivered (hopefully to a central location where there can be easy pick up ...maybe my barn when its ready...or larger orders delivered to your house if you have the room.) so we will need to put our heads together and figure out what we want and how much so that they can figure out how to do it.

So much is going on, so be sure to RSVP .....and if there is a better time to have an additional meet, please email me directly and let me know.

See you Sunday!!




  • michelle l.

    She died earlier this evening. I only saw mites around her vent, but they must have been all over. I kept on getting them all over me when I held her. I remember you posting about necropsies but I don't know where to locate that thread. I put her in the freezer. I can't remember if that isn't what you're supposed to do or not.
    I have at least one other with mites. I plan to wash her tomorrow, but not in standing water. I'll dust her after. I'll get around to dusting the rest of them too. I put some DE in their nest boxes. I can't clean out the coop until the weekend.

    5 years ago
  • michelle l.

    I dusted the one that had the mites and the fluffier ones this morning (I figured those are the likely ones to have mites and the harder to find). I'm running low on DE and tried to get some this morning at a couple of places with no luck. I ordered some from Keough's. I told them food grade, but I'm not sure that I'll get it. I got some sand and peat moss and will set up a dust bath for them inside, since the weather is turning rainy/snowy again. I bought a Emergency Medication Kit from First State Vet Supply at the Congress. I'm thinking of adding some turmeric and/or Vita-Pro-B or Probiotic. Everyone still looks good/energetic and eating/drinking normally.

    5 years ago
  • Melina B.

    No, but Im getting the impression that Michelle doesn't want to use "chemicals" because she is skirting them with DE. Its fine with me as long as people realize that there is a good chance that their chickens will die from the stress of mites/lice. and it sounds like she has a really bad case if they jumped all over her when she held the chicken. the dust is a topical and it really addresses the mites on the feather shafts. By the time the birds are at that point they probably have a layer of hard skin in most places anyway. they can be concentrated in a few place so maybe you wouldnt see them right off; Polish get them in the head sometimes and you wouldnt think to look there, for instance.
    large fluffy birds can get them in the leg feathers, where maybe I would dust a vent area and not get the whole legs , I have found whole colonies in the saddlebags.
    Tis the season and I wouldn't mess around.
    Remember, these only want feathers, so they are only jumping off if there are many.

    5 years ago