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I've been meaning to start this FOREVER. There HAVE to be other woman in the greater Raleigh area who love following & watching sports, ESPECIALLY college basketball and football, NFL, Golf, NHL and Baseball (playoffs :), and others! But, WHY can guys go to a sports bar or restaurant and watch sports with their buddies while women can't or don't? I've gone by myself plenty of times and this stinks. I like the camaraderie of these places, not just sitting at home and cheering by myself....lol. Plus, how cool would it be to talk to other women who care about and follow sports? My girlfriends get really tired of my updates and news and I get tired of having to tell them "their team" just pulled a major upset with them responding, "Oh, I didn't know that was on today. Awesome". Cracks me up!

Anyway, up for any venue and any amount of people who want to join, even if it it's just a handful of us! Places I was thinking are like Fox and Hound in North Hills, Yard House, Edwards Mill Bar & Grill, any of the other plethora of sports bars and/or restaurants that have decent locations of tvs and sell beer and wine :) and not just in Raleigh proper! There a ton to choose from!

We're too late for The SuperBowl at this point, but definitely in time for March Madness and the best parts of the college basketball seasons. This is a fun group too! No fights over teams or anything nuts like that. We all have favorite teams but at the end of the day, it's just a game :) Tobacco Road rivals might not count in the previous comment....kidding!!! I'm 48, mom of 16 and 17 year-olds, I actually WATCH ESPN all the time, grew up with 3 brothers watching sports so I was roped in from day one! But, I act like I'm 28-30 most days, love to laugh and meet new people of ALL ages and am determined to find some peeps out there!!! Originally from Western NY, Rochester. Arrived down here via Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and then Raleigh.

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