The Flow - Energetic Anatomy Part 4

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Every week on Wednesday until August 27, 2019

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Part 4 of a 16-part Course in PeaceWeaving. Come to one session, come to a four-part class; come to only the ones that interest you, or come to whole series!

Each class is about 3 hours long, and only costs about $20. Discounts available for those who purchase the entire Self Healing Course (Energetic Anatomy, Energetic Hygiene, Energetic Tools, and Self-Healing). Each class has four sessions; all (except one*) can be taken independently of the others. Advance payment required to hold your spot, text Amy: (530)[masked].

WHO: No energy experience required, ALL are welcome. No need to be Reiki attuned. This series is all about Self-Healing and gaining the tools for wholeness in the modern world. Anyone can learn--and should! This is NOT a spiritual belief system, but a personal exploration of your own energy as you interact with the physical world.

WHAT: a 3-hour exploration of the basics about the anatomy of the human energetic system. This is the fourth in a 4-part series of etheric anatomy, and puts all the parts from earlier in the series into use by increasing flow, exploring the concept and shape of the torus through Toroidal Flow.

Each class meeting in this Course will include a written packet, lecture/discussion to review new material and concepts, and a self-healing technique that we will try during class then take home to add to your own self-healing practices. There will be time for Q&A, as well as sharing of experiences that arise during practice.

Here is the roadmap and dates for the entire PeaceWeaving Course (16-sessions):

Energetic Anatomy 1: Chakra Basics (Wed July 24 OR Sat July 27 9-noon) covers what Chakras are, provides a map, names, and how to help them clean, clear & balance.

Energetic Anatomy 2: The Field (Wed July 31 OR Sat July[masked]) covers etheric bodies surrounding the physical form (aura layers), method to visualize them, clean them, and also includes discussion and methods to work with/clear the central channel that connects the chakras. Assumes attendees understand the basics of chakras and the 7-chakra map--if you are unsure, you may need to attend Energetic Anatomy 1)

Energetic Anatomy 3: Advanced Chakra Map (Wed August 7 OR Sat August 10) covers a 13-chakra system, introducing the Earth Star, the Soul Star, the Etheric Heart system, and the Pineal Gland as part of a more refined energetic map. A different method for cleaning, clearing, connecting and balancing is introduced. Assumes understanding of basic chakras, 7-chakra map, the central channel, and the layers of the aura--material from prior classes will not be repeated.

Energetic Anatomy 4: The Flow (Wed August 14 OR Sat August 10) puts the previously covered energetic anatomy parts to work as a whole system through which energy flows. We will discuss and play with the concept of a Torus, and will work with moving energy in order to strengthen Toroidal flow. Assumes understanding of (and experience working with) chakras, aura layers, central channel, 13-chakra system (including Earth Star, Soul Star, Pineal Gland and the Etheric Heart)--material from prior classes will not be repeated.

Future Classes in this PeaceWeaving Course will include:

Energetic Hygiene (Wed evenings, August 28-September 11 and September 25) : 1. Claiming and Clearing Space, 2. Grounding, 3. Releasing and Raising Vibration (requires understanding of chakras, aura, central channel and grounding), 4. Communicating with Elevated Guidance*.

Energetic Tools (Sat afternoons, September 28, October 5, 12, and 19): 1. Crystals, 2. Intuitive Helpers, 3. Sound, and 4. Smudge. This is an overview of these tools, with simple ways to use each one to aid in your energetic journey.

Self-Healing Tools: (Wed evenings, October 23, 30, November 6, and 13): 1. The Self, 2. The Shadow Self and Family Wounds, 3. Peace Within and in the World, and 4. Self-Healing in Community.