The Field - Energetic Anatomy Part 2

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Part 2 of a 16-part Course in PeaceWeaving. Come to one session, come to a four-part class; come to only the ones that interest you, or come to whole series!

Each class is about 3 hours long, and only costs about $20. Discounts available for those who purchase the entire Self Healing Course (Energetic Anatomy, Energetic Hygiene, Energetic Tools, and Self-Healing). Each class has four sessions; all (except one*) can be taken independently of the others. Advance payment required to hold your spot, text Amy: (530)[masked].

WHO: No energy experience required, ALL are welcome. No need to be Reiki attuned. This series is all about Self-Healing and gaining the tools for wholeness in the modern world. Anyone can learn--and should! This is NOT a spiritual belief system, but a personal exploration of your own energy as you interact with the physical world.

WHAT: a 3-hour exploration of the basics about the anatomy of the human energetic system. This is the second in a 4-part series of etheric anatomy, and covers the central channel as well as layers of energy surrounding the body (aura bodies). Each class meeting in this Course will include a written packet, lecture/discussion to review new material and concepts, and a self-healing technique that we will try during class then take home to add to your own self-healing practices. There will be time for Q&A, as well as sharing of experiences that arise during practice.

Here is the roadmap and dates for the entire PeaceWeaving Course (16-sessions):

Energetic Anatomy 1: Chakra Basics (Wed July 24 OR Sat July 27 9-noon) covers what Chakras are, provides a map, names, and how to help them clean, clear & balance.

Energetic Anatomy 2: The Field (Wed July 31 OR Sat July[masked]) covers etheric bodies surrounding the physical form (aura layers), method to visualize them, clean them, and also includes discussion and methods to work with/clear the central channel that connects the chakras. Assumes attendees understand the basics of chakras and the 7-chakra map--if you are unsure, you may need to attend Energetic Anatomy 1)

Energetic Anatomy 3: Advanced Chakra Map (Wed August 7 OR Sat August 10) covers a 13-chakra system, introducing the Earth Star, the Soul Star, the Etheric Heart system, and the Pineal Gland as part of a more refined energetic map. A different method for cleaning, clearing, connecting and balancing is introduced. Assumes understanding of basic chakras, 7-chakra map, the central channel, and the layers of the aura--material from prior classes will not be repeated.

Energetic Anatomy 4: The Flow (Wed August 14 OR Sat August 10) puts the previously covered energetic anatomy parts to work as a whole system through which energy flows. We will discuss and play with the concept of a Torus, and will work with moving energy in order to strengthen Toroidal flow. Assumes understanding of (and experience working with) chakras, aura layers, central channel, 13-chakra system (including Earth Star, Soul Star, Pineal Gland and the Etheric Heart)--material from prior classes will not be repeated.

Future Classes in this PeaceWeaving Course will include:

Energetic Hygiene (Wed evenings, August 28-September 11 and September 25) : 1. Claiming and Clearing Space, 2. Grounding, 3. Releasing and Raising Vibration (requires understanding of chakras, aura, central channel and grounding), 4. Communicating with Elevated Guidance*.

Energetic Tools (Sat afternoons, September 28, October 5, 12, and 19): 1. Crystals, 2. Intuitive Helpers, 3. Sound, and 4. Smudge. This is an overview of these tools, with simple ways to use each one to aid in your energetic journey.

Self-Healing Tools: (Wed evenings, October 23, 30, November 6, and 13): 1. The Self, 2. The Shadow Self and Family Wounds, 3. Peace Within and in the World, and 4. Self-Healing in Community.

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