What we're about

Are you a married woman who has decided with your partner that having children of your own is not for you? Are you finding it harder to make friends due to a lack of social space for child-free women? This is the Meetup for you!

The goal is to provide a place to bring together married, child-free women to meet, connect, engage, and hang out. It’s really difficult to make friends when you’re a woman of a certain age without kids as most adult social groups are for parents. We’ll have dinners, happy hour, and hope to morph into a place where members can share in the planning.

What this group is not:
A place for bashing people who choose to have kids.
A place for name-calling.
A place for hating on children.

We all come from our own place and that may be a difficult place, but we should avoid becoming a place to judge or shame. Not having children means they don’t interfere with our lifestyle so let’s not let them trespass in our brain.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events