What we're about

Finally! A childfree meetup group in Raleigh!! This group is for those who are childfree and looking to connect with other childfree folks in the area. We're about having fun - whether it's a game night, camping, travel, dining out - without the restrictions and endless conversation about children that come along with our breeder friends and family.
A funny thing happens as a person transitions past their 20's. Everyone begins pairing up (or not) and having kids. For those of us who are childfree, for whatever reason, it can suddenly feel like we don't have much in common with them anymore. Let's use this opportunity to find the people who DO have very common fundamental ground - freedom from children! (Parents of fur-babies welcome)

Singles and couples are welcome, but please note that this is NOT a dating group!

We are a group for people who have never and will never have children. Requests to join will be denied for those who do not fit this description (empty nesters, childless people, adoptive parents, part-time parents).

Please make sure to have an actual picture of yourself when you request membership. This helps us to find each other during meetups. Those without an actual photo of themselves will be denied.

What does it mean to be childfree?

To be childfree is to have no children and no interest in having any in the future. This is different than childless people, who don't currently have children but wish to do so in the future. We are a group specifically for childfree people.

What about empty nesters?

Those who have children who are older and out of the house are not considered childfree, but rather empty nesters. The goal of this group is to create camaraderie among those who do not have children. This group is not intended for empty nesters.

Upcoming events (2)

Brunch/Lunch @ Coffee and Crepes in Cary Crossorads

Coffee & Crepes

Let's get together for brunch!! I've heard great things about Coffee and Crepes. If anyone else is on the same boat as me with avoiding gluten, their whole crepe menu can be made gluten free. I was told that seating could be limited due to its small size so maybe we should cap it at 5 people.

Play board games with me at Raleigh Brewing Company! (And drink beer too!)

I'm in the mood for board games. And beer. Let's bond over some good old fashioned competition at Raleigh Brewing Company - it's a great way to break the ice between new friends! Hopefully if the weather is nice we can hang outside at the picnic tables, but inside is cool too. They have darts, cornhole and board games for us to use. But I also encourage you to bring that game from home that you've been itching to play or just can't get enough of. RBC doesn't serve food, but they will have a food truck there (Arepa Culture, info below) at 3-9pm. You can also bring food or have some delivered if you get hungry. Also, the best part about the place... you can bring your 4-pawed Fluffertons! Check out more info here: https://raleighbrewing.com/ http://www.arepaculturenc.com/

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Beer Brunch at Trophy Brewing

Trophy Brewing Tap and Table

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