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Child Abuse Survivors & Anger

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    If you are a survivor of childhood trauma, you are not alone. You don't have to suffer in silence. Welcome you are in the right place :)

    We are adult survivors of child physical, sexual, emotional, mental, verbal, psychological, ritual, financial abuse, incest, domestic violence, narssasitic parents, neglect or abandonment.

    We meet biweekly on weekends to listen, learn, support each other. We share experiences and resources.

    Please note that this is NOT a therapy, a counselling, a coaching or a crisis group. It is just a support group to create a safe community to empower the survivors.

    If you are in crisis or need emotional support, please call 408-HELP line now at 416-408-4357. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

    Victim Support Line: 1-888-579-2888 or at 416-314-2447 in the Toronto area.

    Assaulted Women's helpline: 1-866-863-0511

    Here are some group ground rules to feel safe, to protect our rights and to create a healthy environment. We can add more to them in our coming meetings.

    Group Ground Rules:

    1. You should be respectful and peaceful with the group organizers and every member of the group.

    2. If any conflict happens, please bring it up to the event organizer to resolve the issue.

    3. No religions or politics debates. No judging, no criticizing, no bullying and no hate speach. We have zero tolerance on that. You will be removed from the group immediately.

    4. No advices to others unless someone asked you for that. You can ask questions to others, but they have the right to answer or not.

    5. Please be mindful of the time while sharing to give the chance for everyone to share in the room.

    6. If you don't want to share, it is OK you can be a listener. No pressure on you. You can just say "pass" when it is your turn to speak.

    7. If you get triggered, don't force yourself to stay. You can leave the room, practise some breath or mindfulness excercises, have fresh air, walk around, take your time to be, then when you feel ready to come back to the group, please do so.

    8. It is highly recommended that you have a Therapist or a Counselor to help you out when you are triggered and can't handle it by yourself.

    9. It is highly recommended to take care of yourself and practise self compassion and self soothing after the meeting.

    10. For the sake of confidentiality, every thing said in the group should stay in the group.

    11. If you didn't attend 6 meetings in sequence, you will be removed from the group unless you have a valid reason for your long absence like travel, sick or taking care of your kids, etc.

    12. If you RSVP and didn't show up, came late or updated your RSVP to not going in the 24 hours before the meeting, you will get a strike. If you get 6 strikes, you will be removed from the group.

    13. It is highly recommended to have a visible profile picture and a real name there to make it easier for us to recognize you in the meetups.

    14. There might be applicable minimum fees of $5. The $5 will be collected upon your arrival. It is used to cover space renting cost, printing handouts, media kit, catering, logistics, etc.

    There is also a secret facebook group. Please inbox me with your facebook account, if you want to be added there.

    About the Facilitator:

    Ghadeer Elghafri is a survivor, thriver, warrior and healer💪She is a Palestinian Poet from Gaza, born and raised up in Dubai, living in Toronto, Canada.

    She published her poetry in newspapers, magazines and a chapbook in Dubai, Palestine and Canada.

    Ghadeer organized and performed in many poetry nights in Dubai and Canada where she read her Arabic poetry with English translation.

    Ghadeer's vision in life is to touch millions of people hearts❤ Her mission is to spread love, peace and humanity messages to the whole world through her poetry🌹

    We are all humans regardless of our differences. Let's embrace ourselves and each other.

    You can enjoy watching my translated poetry in my YouTube channel:

    Follow me on:
    Twitter: @khansaainaik

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