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Play custom campaigns of the Children of the Beast Roleplaying Game! Join us and have some late night fun!

Children of the Beast is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a living world where mountains walk the earth and the moon crawls across the sky. You play as beast hunters who must eradicate a spreading corruption that is slowly infecting humanity.

If you want to see more, check out our website at beastchildren.com! (http://beastchildren.com)

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Game Night #4

Mox Boarding House

Changing to Saturday nights for a bit since Game of Thrones is eating everyone's Sundays. Thanks all who came last time! Come join us at the Mox Boarding House in Bellevue to play some Children of the Beast! You can be a total newbie and check out the game, or continue your campaign if you've played with us before. We provide any dice and supplies for those without any. For more details on the game, you can check out our website at beastchildren.com

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Game Night #3

Mox Boarding House

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