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It's been a long week, & you're just waiting for the moment you can clock out of work, & enjoy the weekend ahead of you. Perhaps you're just looking for a break from the everyday routine, something different to look forward to. You may also be new in town, unsure of where to go & what to see in this beautiful state of Penang (though I highly doubt it).

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, this meetup is just for you. In this meetup, people from different walks of life will meet for lunch, talking about anything & everything under the sun.

Who Should Join: Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you enjoy yourselves & are comfortable with meeting new people. You are also expected to pay for your own meal (no free lunches here).

Why Should Members Join: It's a fun way to destress, an opportunity to meet new people, and a chance to kickstart your weekend a little early, all rolled into one!

What Members Can Expect: Good food, great company, what more can you ask for?

As with other groups, there are house rules:
1) The meeting time will be on Fridays, from 12-2pm
(estimated lunch time for working folks).
2) You are not obligated to remain for the entire duration of the meeting.
The broad time range is designed to accommodate varying lunch breaks.
3) We will keep the group size to 6-10 people per meeting, so that everyone
has a chance to connect & interact with one another.
4) Feel free to make suggestions for future meetups eg. different days/venues.

Past events (2)

Meetup@Uncle Albert's, Straits Quay

Uncle Albert's Traditional English Fish & Chips

First Meetup@Soul Cafe, Penang

Soul Cafe

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