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This group started on 07 May 2019.

Is your big heart trying to love someone? But your circle of friends are just not big enough? You cannot find that perfect friend? I created this group hoping that we will all find our soulmate(s) in this big place. :)

Are you a best friend material? Some of us are extremely selective with who we allow in our life. But what is life without love right ? :) Personally, I am looking for companions that we can both share our love, joy and sadness with.

I love to go the the parks and beach in the evening, even the city too. Lets relax, lie on each other's shoulder, take some fresh air, and munch munch munch away. :> With some music on speaker. <3

Friends, and nothing more. But real genuine affectionate friends only. "Home is where our heart is, wherever you go."

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