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Watcha! We're about bringing like-minded people that share similar passions together in a relaxed fun social setting. Whether it's a particular genre of music, theatre / acting, food, dancing/clubing, singing/rockoake, comedy, art, cutting edge science, spirituality - we host free fun social events centered around a common theme.

You'll get to explore a diverse range of fully hosted activities and fun times both by day & night- hosted by born Londoners who knows the city and all of its hidden gems inside out! We also avoid holding events in touristy/sleazy venues so attendees get to enjoy authentic London experiences and meet natives without hassle

Our membership base is biased towards sociable, outgoing, intellectual, creative and successful but unpretentious young urban professionals with a wicked sense of humour and interests outside of their career. We value quality over mediocrity so attempt to constrict attendees to people that are genuinely passionate about the event theme to ensure only like minded people gets a chance to participate and to keep attendees to a manageable size. If you're looking for just another unfiltered social group there are zillions out there you can join!

Typical past events have included stargazing, rockaoke, music themed club nights, halloween pub crawls/tours, exhibitions, dinners/food tasting/supper club, lunches/brunch, coffee, social sporting events/games, firework displays, talks/seminars, concerts.

In terms of waiting lists, when places become available, preference will be given to people with complete profiles who can demonstrate a genuine passion for the subject area, and to loyal members and acquaintances/friends.

And here at Chillout, our philosophy is you shouldn't have to pay a high premium to enjoy the things that you love so in accordance with the fundamental founding tenet of Meetup - we keep the vast majority of our events free to attend - no profit motive here! However in rare cases, where direct or venue costs are incurred for putting on a specific event, there maybe a small charge.

So, whether you’re originally from London or brand new to the city, here's to enjoying some fun times out and even forming new connections with common interests along the way.

Lucas & Co

Please note, if identified you have different motives for attending events other than for socialising around a common theme/pretence or you are found to be harassing members, you will be banned from the group.

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Boring People Only Gathering (event on hold due to new restrictions)

This event is for boring people only so please do not RSVP if you think you are otherwise. Sunny weather permitting - we will go to the park, enjoy pork scratchings with tea without sugar and count the number of leaves on biggest tree. As we are in the worst recession since the 1920s and precious metals prices are in rampant state of speculative frenzy of hyper-inflation that will never materialise - the winner will be awarded a white paper badge as I can't afford palladium right now. Later we will discuss the application of the IS-LM Mundell–Fleming model to the world today and see if we can adapt it to explain the Fermi-Paradox, Brexit and their interconnection. Hearsay from the Foreign Office hinting of an alien specie wanting a secret trade deal with the UK (homosapiens for anti gravity tech [hopefully export the non boring first]) and this fits well with Bo Jo's extraordinary vision to take us truely universally global - rule Britannia. Whistling, breakdancing, singing, telling jokes, beat boxing, impersonations, rapping, laughin, howling, banter or taking the piss are strictly prohibited as will be any expression of personality beyond[masked] decibels. If any interesting person turns up they will be asked to kindly leave the event at their earliest convenience. Failure to do so will result in the instant removal from the group and blacklisting on the Church of England & other religious websites Remember the Force will be with you always fellow boringers Lucas Skywalker

Full Moon Halloween Drinks With Ghosts @Highgate Cementry/Parliament Hill

Yes we're aiming to exclusively celebrate spooks night in the glare of the full moon at the world renowned Highgate Cementry - home to some of the most globally influential philosophers, artists, actors, musicians, writers and of course ghosts! I'll be lighting a special witch (Smudge) Stick to summon the spirits & protect us from harm whilst we'll try to make contact with George Michael, there will also be spells cast and magic portions. And because we will be outside there will be no bollox 10 PM curfew and any premature criminal cessation of drinking on a Saturday night! And don't worry, if it rains there is a plan... Further details be unveiled shortly!!! Halloween fancy dress/make up optional - I'll be coming as Harry Porter! Bring your own drinks. ==== Health/Safety & COVID Restrictions ======= As places are strictly limited no guests allowed. This is a posh residential area so need to keep noise down though I can't promise not to sing halloween songs! Social distancing will need to be observed. If more than six attend - we'll split into autonomous groups of six (maximum 3 groups) with NO mixing though I only expect about 15 given most will cancel last minute. I will allocate you to a group and appoint a team leader who will report into me throughout the evening so activities can be coordinated. On arrival you will need to register with me personally and MUST update me if you or one of your contacts contract the virus within a subsequent 14 day period so others can be alerted. If you have been feeling unwell in the prior 14 days leading up to this event and have not had a test (or received a positive result if you have) - don't be a plonker - stay home and isolate - simps!!! And if you do attend - act responsibly! Repeat after me: Hands Face Space. Wizard Lucascenter

Free Seminar - Turn Social Anxiety into Self-Acceptance

Covid and lockdowns has taken it's stressful toll on many in these uncertain dystopian feeling times. Join for a free seminar on how best to manage associated social anxiety and turn it into something positive! The session will be hosted, chaired and presented online by professional Trauma Coach Jessica Goh who has expertise in helping people develop and grow to become the best versions of themselves. To confirm your place - book your free tickets use the following link: https://events.humanitix.com/turn-social-anxiety-into-self-acceptance-n44c39h0 "I would like to recommend Jessica Goh for her great online workshops. I have really enjoyed connecting with her and others. The workshops have really resonated with me and my life." Vivienne Chlek

Guy Fawkes Fireworks/Bonfire & Drinks To 80s Anthems

Walthamstow Central Station

Celebrate the preservation of the finest parliamentary democracy & sovereignty in the world (aka our elective dictatorship!) on one of the most important days in British history with mesmerizing Fireworks to uplifting melodic symphonies from the 80s and a red hot bonfire to keep the chills at bay! And as you'd expect on a traditional cold English Bonfire Night (though I swear it use to feel much colder when I was a kid), there will be a variety of drinks (incl. mulled wine) and hot food to munch whilst watching those sinister blazing gunpowder trails ignite into gyrating flames of wonder in da sky. Optionally there will be an opportunity to go to a local boozer/continue drinking after for those that wanna defy a skool night. ==== Health/Safety & COVID Restrictions ======= If the display gets cancelled (many others have been already) don't fear - there IS a plan B in place watching Fireworks over drinks and in that eventuality, details will be unveiled closer to the date. There is no way we are missing bonfire night covid or no covid! Given COVID restrictions and that last year we had over 150 rsvps plus a long waiting list, no guests/group bookings allowed. Social distancing will need to be observed including autonomous groups of six (maximum 3 groups) with NO mixing. I will allocate you to a group and appoint a team leader who will report into me throughout the evening to co-ordinate activities. On arrival you will need to register with me personally and MUST provide email address or number for contact tracing and by doing so legally you will be obliged to update me if you or one of your contacts contract the virus within a subsequent 14 day period so others can be alerted. If you have been feeling unwell in the prior 14 days leading up to this event and have not had a test (or received a positive result if you have) - don't be a dick - stay home and isolate!!! Repeat after me: Hands Face Space. ======ITINERARY / WHERE TO MEET===== As per last year's event, we'll meet in North London's hippest new town @ Walthamstow station (Selborne Walk exit) and walk to the display location about 15 mins walk at a decent pace so you'll need to keep up. To identify - I will be wearing my Starwars lanyard. Also I'll send out my number to the RSVPs in case people can't find the group. If people got lost, a post Fireworks rendezvous point next to the food and drink stalls will be announced later in the evening. Lucas The Fire Starter

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