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Bringing like-minded people with the same passions together in a fun social setting for FREE. Whether it's a particular genre of music/club night/dancing,  theatre/acting, food, singing/rockaoake, sports/fitness, comedy, art, pub crawls, cutting edge science, spirituality actvities - we host free fun themed events to ensure only like minded people with the same passions get to meet and particpate as life is too short to spend time with people who do not excite and or engage you.

Our membership is biased towards successful but unpretentious career professionals with highly engaging personalities who are are socially skilled, outgoing, intellectually curious and creative with outstanding sense of humour! We value quality over mediocrity so attempt to constrict attendees to people with an authentic love of the event theme to both foster good engagement dynamics & keep attendees to a manageable size.

Our London events are hosted by a born Londoner who know the city and hidden gems inside out! We also avoid holding events in touristy/sleazy venues so attendees get to enjoy authentic London venues & experiences and meet native brits anf form long lasting connections easily. Typical past events have included stargazing, rockaoke, music themed clubbing events (80s, 90s, 70s, 50s, Hip Hop & Reggae nights), sports events (badminton, rounders, tennis), Halloween pub crawls/tours, exhibitions, dinners/food tasting/supper club, lunches/brunch, coffee, firework displays, talks/seminars, concerts - you name it - we've done it!

Waiting lists wise - when places become available, preference will be given to people with complete profiles who can demonstrate a genuine passion for the event theme, to the most loyal members and those with a close proximity to event location so it is parmount you fill out your profile!!

And here at Chillout, our philosophy is you shouldn't have to pay a premium to enjoy the things that you love so in accordance with the fundamental founding tenet of Meetup - the vast majority of our events are free - no profit motive here! However in rare cases, where direct or venue hiring costs are incurred for putting on a specific event, there maybe a small charge.

So, whether you’re originally from London or brand new to the city, here's to enjoying some memoriable crazy times out with a select audience and even forming strong new authentic long lasting connections along the way.

Lucas - Founder & Organiser (and essay writer!)
Please note, if you are identified to having different motives for attending events other than for socialising around a shared theme that you are truly passionate about or found to be harassing members or seeking sexual conquests you will be removed. For security screening and protecting our members - everyone must have a full face pic prior to attending an event so they can be indentified in the case of any issues. If any ladies recieve unsolicited contact from random people they have never met please feel free to report to me (so I can remove) and contact meetup site directly.

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And now for some blatant testimonial marketing (generous bank transfers on way):

"His energy, event passion, beauty and brief conversation shifted my mindset tremendously in less than a few minutes which is very rare when attending meetups" Clare

"I went to Chillout London when I was new to the city from the USA and I always had a really great time. Everyone was super friendly. Lucas always has cool captivating themes and I always felt deeply engaged, never bored. I would definitely recommend!" Staci Schidmt

"The organiser is late often and as a former teacher I have no idea how he made it through school or university without being expelled but his events are so novel & addictive I just can't stay away" Reena Teacher

"Meeting Lucas and attending his event was a lovely experience. He had so much knowledge and passion. It was really good. Very impressive" Komal

"It's about time Lucas grew up, got a girlfriend/got married like the rest of his mates instead of wasting his time on this meetup nonsense. He should be hanging out with his real friends!" Adam Joslin

"The organiser is one of the funniest entertaining people I've met. He is really passionate about all his event themes and so there is always an air of excitement and never a dull moment. Now I'm a semi regular - I always leave either learning something new or laughing on the way home"  Lorraine Norton

"Organiser jokes around a lot but I love him. When he was DJing at his club event party he refused to play Never Tear Us Apart for me so if you like good music I suggest you avoid Chillout events" Dominika Abel (Assitant Organiser)

Upcoming events (4+)

Mystic Zodiac Fun For Deep Minds Pondering The BIG QUESTIONS

ZODIAC - Bar & Club

For extraordinary minds with deep hearts possessing an awesome sense of humour, independent thinking and an unparalleled lifelong quest for discovery of truth, adventure and understanding of the universe, our place in it & exploring the limits of human scientific knowledge using fun constructs.

Yes - join for chilled fun but engaging & thought provoking "sprituality" chatter, free tarot, I Ching, astrology reading and a three minute group mindfulness meditation over coffee/beer at the uniquie Zodic Bar! The only differentiated coffee event with mind numbing boring small talk left at home & with Chillout's resident Guru Swami offering free insightful thought provoking readings - just for a bit of fun of course!

If you're intellectually curious, open minded and inquisitive about life's big questions and potential links to noetic sciences & consciousness then is defo for you. People with science backgrounds are definitely welcome. We'll also try to touch on the empirical literature/evidence for paranormal phenomena & potential explanations including ( I can share research studies with you) :

- Does life after death exist or is Professor Brian Cox right in asserting if ghosts really existed then particle accelerators at CERN would of already uncovered evidence for ghost particles making Ouija boards kids play?

- Is synchronicity/coincidence simply randomness disguised in the eye of the beholder? Or can what Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance" (quantum entanglement) and other obsevational phenomena help to explain?

- What existed before the universe - how can you get something from nothing and conversely the reverse? What role does quantum physics play and suggest about unknown dimensions and out understanding of entwined space and time?

"The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities." Stephen Hawking once said. If some forms of matter are not real until they are observed as quantum mechanics repeatedly finds does that mean consciousness not only defines the existence of the universe and perceived reality but also our destiny? Could quantum cosmology then account for what happens to us?

- Is the near death experieince phenomena millions have experienced a result of neurochemical and hormonal changes that occur in the body & brain close to death (esp. in truma conditions) or something beyond physicality?

- Given neuroscience research is in it's infancy relative to other areas of medicine/science and so there is yet still so little understanding of the brain, could mediation help to access additional functions that are not available when we are operate in BAU alpha, beta and gamma brainwaves phases?

- As well as the brain - studies show the heart also contain thousands of neurons. Does this mean it also plays a role in our consciousness and give credibility to the theme tackled in Last Christmas?

=========RENDEZVOUS POINT & COVID SAFETY =================
We'll meet inside The Zodiac Bar in Camden. I'll send out my number to attendees a couple of hours before the event in case of issues finding the group. I'll be wearing a Starwars identifier and also share table location on the day.

The event is subject to securing at least 10 confirmed RSVPs with 100% intent to attend. In the case of a waiting list - priority will be given to people than can demonstrate a genuine interest in the broader subject area, acquaintances and most loyal members.

Remember our jingo - great stimulating but fun interesting meetups for a great city for free with Chillout London.

Guru Swami Lucas


Alright darlin? How you doin gheezer? Yes born & bred proud workin class Londoner here - innit!!!! Do you want to learn proper London English the way her majesty Liz doesn't speak it? Then tonight is your chance to put on your best London/cockney accent and tune into Eastenders immediately followed by a bit of steamy doctors n nurses action in Holby (ooooh matron).

This will help you interact with real (cockney) Londoners - though I recommemd you watch at least three times a week to attain best results with an optional glass of Jamican rum with Patrick Trueman to expedite the learning process. There will be mutiple teachers at hand to guide you including Phil Mitchell, Martin Fowler, Sharon Watts, Catherine Slater and child twin sister killer bad boy Bobby Bill.

Tune into BBC - no disrespect to ITV - at 19:28 to ensure we catch the intro theme to whistle or sing along "anyone can fall in love" to. Let's hope it ends with an exciting dopamine rush inducing duff duff duff duff duff duff duff, duff at the end.

Note this is neither a meet in person or online event. Instead in line with Chillout's reputation for putting on pioneering world class event exclusives - this first ever TV nationwide meetup hosted in Albert Square so do not turn up to the physical location!!! Please make sure you have paid the license fee or purchased before the airing else I will need to send the boys around in da van.

Just remember what every true East Londoner knows: Every loser wins, once the dream begins. In time you'll see, faith holds the key. And every loser knows, the light the tunnel shows, will shine on you, and all those who knew, that you can make it.

So help keep London English alive before it dies out completely: https://www.mylondon.news/news/east-london-news/cockney-could-wiped-out-20-23010593?

And watch out for my future debut events on how to speak Jordie, Irish, Scottish & Scouse.


Lucas Queen Victoria

Stargazing Barbeque With Prosecco (Weather/Clear Skies Dependent)

Tasty smoked non vegetarian food with drinks whilst glazing at beautiful mind boggling celestial gems like planets, stars, nebula and galaxies through my telescope

Food will be served with a complimentary glass of Prosecco & pork sussages for everyone!

I will be supplying the basics (bread/buns. condiments, plates etc) but to suit your dietary requirements, you'll need to bring your own food/fillers (and drinks) which I will happily cook though I can't guarantee it will be anything like Michelin-star - in fact - defo not!!!

You will need to pay a £5 which will include a free glass of Prosecco and covers your contribution towards funding of barbeque/coal, food, condiments and plates/cups/napkins etc. The BBQ will take place in a public Park, North London disclosed to final confirmed attendees only.

After the BBQ, we will go for more drinks, dancing aad socialising in some of my local musical pubs in Camden to 3AM!

====Rendezvous Point & Confirmation Process====
Places are strictly limited and on the day will only go ahead if we have at least 10- 15 confirmed people max - a suitable number for this type of event.

And an RSVP here means nothing in terms of actual turnout and given the nature of the event with an upfront investment from me in terms of both time and money there will be a second stage confirmation process to meet the min- max actual turnout range. As well as being on the RSVP list here - you will need to submit your number (msg it to me directly) if you are defo coming and I will add you to this specific event wats app group, The exact rendezvous point/street address will be annouced on there along with a go no go decision on the day (need to also factor in weather) and any other finer details .

First priority will be given to RSVPs and then I will open to to people on the waiting list if we still have spaces. If you're not on the RSVP list don't send me your number as it's not fair to bump you up when others are earlier in the queue!

Master Chef Amateur Astronomer Extraordinaire Lucas

🍸 Singin & Dancin In The Freezin Rain With Blue Pearls 🍾 (Free)

Trafalgar Square

Relive the magical era of Marilyn Monroe & Greta Garbo in an impeccable Chillout London stylie by singin n dancin along to some all time golden classics in the thunderstorm blessed pouring rains of Trafalgar Square!

We'll embrace the nostalgic decadence of Grace Kelly & Harlow Jean whilst we strike pose and recall pictures of beauty queens seen on the cover of glossy magazines.

Then let us immerse ourselves into the enchanting grace of Dietrich and DiMaggio. Quickly we'll salute the rebellious ethos of Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean and of course his little cousin James by taping our feet in defiance to the sound of raindrops as strangers stare in envy at our elegant dance moves as they pass.

And just like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - we'll dance on air. They had style, they had grace, Rita Hayworth gave good face, Lauren, Katherine, Lana too, and of course Bette Davis - we love you x

To cool off - a wet t-shirt competition will secure a very classy chic end to the eve. The winner will be entered into the global annual competition finals to be hosted by Britain's world famous former page 3 girl Sam Fox later this year in Ramsey Street, Erinsborough, Australia. This will be a prestigious no expense spared award ceremony that will be attended by no one less than Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second though obviously the pervert Duke of York will not be invited. It will obviously be an all expenses paid trip though you will have to buy your own stock of freshly ironed dry t-shirts with "Chillout in London with Lucas" imprinted so the Aussies have something really fun do when they come up over.

Please remember to bring a strong brolly, towels and a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer equiped with ample battery supply to dry off from falling into deep puddles or if we end up dancin naked in the rain.

And if you don't own an umbrella - please ask Rihanna nicely if you can borrow hers....

====Health/Safety & Covid Restriction Compliance ====
This event is subject to forecasts of atrocious monsoon weather conditions materialising. In the eventuality of any deaths or illness arising from lighting strikes, electrocution, hypothermia or any other cause, the organiser shall bear zero liability.

Because not every RSVP turns up - I have built a predictive model using latest AI techniques to optimise RSVPs to meet Covid restrictions/turnout targets based on event type, seasonality, historical turnout rates, member demographics, weather, day and time, transport updates and other proprietary indicators. I can build similar models for other meetup groups/organisers for a small consultancy fee of a trillion and quarter Turkish Lira or 900 million russian rubbles (please msg me directly if interested). Payment in Bitcoin and other fuck tokens not accepted.

TO GET US IN THE MOOD - the very charming former Capital Radio girl Jackie Brambles who I had the privilege of being on air with - I mean Blue Pearl dancing naked in the rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npx9e913xo8


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