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Hello my name is Gregory Sinski I'm 24 years old I live in new haven CT I work as a volunteer for Yale new haven hospital I don't make any money but I enjoy it nonetheless I act like it's a real job I work on my own schedule it helps me build my resume in case I decide to get a job in the not to distant future I know I will eventually I'm a huge movie fan I go to the movies just about every weekend I like to go for walks and dine out as well as go to the gym i can be shy at times but once I get to know you better It's easier for me to come out of my shell the point of the matter is I want to meet new people and do cool fun activities like go to the movies or to eat whatever that's why I set this up I hope it works out if it does I'll be very pleased so message me thank you very much. I'm encouraging people especially around my age to join this group you don't have to be but I want this to be special for people in their 20s it's easy to connect with someone in the same age group but I have no restrictions

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