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This group discusses Chinese culture and international affairs related to China. Will also offer a new perspective on things here happening in US, including Trump left, Muslim, etc.

My name is Yiheng Zhao. I was born and raised in China, moved to US for college, and worked in International Trading for 9 year.
I watch a lot of news and like politic talk show. Because of Chinese culture background, I have different understanding with a lot of topics in politics, religion and international economics, which I would like to share.

This century is the century of China and US. The fast development of China gives word huge opportunity and brings big challenges at the same time. Also the immigrants from china are bringing a lot of business.

As a normal person, you don't need to spend 10 years to learn Chinese language to know how to do business with Chinese. You just need to understand their culture and their way, and outsource the translation job.
Here I won't tell you how Chinese culture is, I'll tell you why. So you can understand yourself. Basically we are all human beings, we are all the same.

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