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Hello, CJK Experts!

Don’t you feel it's hard to fill the gap between your level and native-speakers’ level? Are you looking for partners to practice your Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English (CJK) in an immerse environment?

This meetup group is the right fit for you!! Founded in 2011, We practice Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English through interpretation methods such as quick response, shadowing, reproduction, retention, sight translation, summarization, etc. These methods enable you highly concentrate on listening, understanding the source language, and organizing your talk logically in target language.

You will definitely feel very excited to do these practices! Native-speakers will help you improve the expressions of the target language as well, which leads your target language to a native-level! And, it is FREE and systematic!

Advanced learners or native speakers of Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Japanese, Korean or English are welcome. Also, you will make a lot language exchange friends here.

We also offer bi-weekly bible study in the Christian faith, founded in the summer of 2017, this is Not a requirement to attend language classes.

Wether you are exploring faiths or a believer, "Making sense of God" - bible study is a safe, non-judgmental space open to non-Christians, seekers and committed Christians. We seek to learn not just from the bible, but also from each other. We ask that everyone be dignified and respectful of the point of views of others. We all attend various churches and will not pressure you to join any church. There are some groups out there, even cults preaching a false gospel. Please be mindful of their existence. We aim to serve to counteract those groups. Our study is not focused around a specific theology or denomination; we seek to be as neutral/mainline Christian as possible when it comes to discussing specifics of theology, while attempting be as true to scriptural interpretation as possible.

General Rules and guidelines:

1) Honor your RSVPs or update them- Please remember Organizers have an obligation to fulfill and things can get complicated with no-shows which in turn may affect our reputation and future arrangements and accommodations with certain businesses and establishments that we have partnered with. Regulars are also required to RSVP, regardless of how many times you have come in the past. Please note that repeat offenders, and flakes may be banned.

2) Be respectful.

3) Zero tolerance for creepy Asiaphiles.

We want to make this group where people feel comfortable and safe. If anyone, male or female, violates this, we will ban that person immediately. And if you feel that a member is making unwanted advances (through the use of this group) after you have told them to stop, please let Jaewan or your organizers know and we will take immediate action.

Thank you!

Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines (https://www.meetup.com/NYC-Korean-Americans/about/).

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