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Absolute Beginner Mandarin Lesson & Coffee
Come learn some basic Mandarin over some hot coffee & yummy pastries! This event is for anyone who wants to come and learn some of the basics of Mandarin in a relaxed & friendly environment. No prior experience is required :) I am making this event because I want to provide opportunities for people to learn & practice Mandarin in Calgary. I have been learning Mandarin for 4 years and in my experience, we could use more resources for people to learn it. If you have an intermediate to advanced level in Mandarin, you are more than welcome to attend as well. I can comfortably teach the basics of Mandarin, but I may not be able to answer more complex questions. As a result, all support would be appreciated! About the Organizer My name is Azren, aka "Azren the Language Nerd". Language learning is a huge passion of mine. I teach English, French, Spanish, and basic Mandarin privately as my full time job. In addition, I post daily on all major social networks where I document my language learning journey. You can find me on: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Tumblr: Medium Blog: @PolyglotAzren Currently I speak English, French, and Spanish very fluently. I also speak Mandarin and Gujarati at an intermediate level. My main focus is to be able to speak 8 languages by the time I am 45 years old (English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Gujarati, Hindi, Arabic, and Russian). Future Event Schedule To keep up to date with our future event schedule, you can do any of the following: a) Join this meet-up group b) Join our Facebook group ( c) Follow my Facebook page ( d) Follow my Instagram page ( Any photos from the event will also be posted there and in the meet-up event itself. Looking forward to meeting you at the event!

Wave Coffees 17 Ave (1019 17 Ave SW #102, Calgary, AB)

Wave Coffees 17 Ave (1019 17 Ave SW #102, Calgary, AB) · Calgary, AB