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The goal of this group is to aid you in hitting your Chinese Language goals. If it is practicing speaking (練說力), listening (練聽力), reading/writing (練字), ect (等等)...just let me know, and we will set up events to assist you in your Chinese learning.

Although this group is Mandarin and Cantonese friendly, I am hoping to be able to make separate events for these two languages. This way if you're interested in Mandarin, you can come to the Mandarin-focused events.

The plan is to have this group on Meetup.com for awhile, give it some time to allow people to join. After that, we will then start having meetups! Please give me your input on what kind of events you would like to see.

Join the group today and stay tuned.

謝謝 Thank you!,

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Hello - We do both dinner meetups (the cost of your meal), and classes.

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