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What we’re about

This is a group for two kinds of people - those who seek to learn Mandarin conversational skills and those who seek to learn and improve on English. This group is focused on facilitating the practice of the two language exchanges by having native-speakers there to model conversations in various social settings.  We periodically organize fun events such as dinners or nature trips to explore different cultures and customs. Friendships and fun times are encouraged!

This group is not for you if you are in sales and are looking for clients. This group is not for you if you are recruiting people for your church or temple. If you work in multi-level marketing (MLM), real estate, have a business as a teacher or tutor, pause for a moment before you try to sign up for this group. People in the above professions or anything where sales are involved are politely asked to find another avenue for your pursuits.

This group is very fun! It has survived for many years due to the great members that are kind, respectful, courteous to one another while enjoying socializing, practicing and helping one another learn and practice English and Mandarin.

We sometimes get together for hikes, movies or other activities on the weekends. If all of the above is a match for you, come join us!