What we're about

If you believe you should make money doing what you love to do, but you don't know how, join this group.
If you lost your job ( like me!) and you really don't want to go back doing what you have been doing for many years, join this group.
If you tried to find a job , but can't find one because of your age or anything else, this is a group for you.
If you have a business idea but you have no resources to make it happen, join this group.
To be hones all the above applies to me,. I have been running other people companies and I learn most of the business owners really have no idea how to run a business, they just have the guts to go for it! And higher someone with knowledge to run their company!!!
I seriously believe if we get together and start brainstorming we will come up with a business platform that will work for all of us!!
Sometime going to a family or friends for advice, can actually kill your dream!!
So, having an individuals with the same goal and idea can help us BRAINSTORM how to make our dreams come true!!!
This group also offers spritual and holestic living support.



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2019 1st meeting! Happy Hour!!

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Le Pain Quotidien

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