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Remember that crazy thing that happened to you a few years ago? You still talk about it regularly with your friends. In fact, you have told that story so often that your friends almost know it by heart. But they don’t mind. It’s a great story and everyone loves to hear it.

Perhaps that story could now be your big break. Imagine telling that story on a real stage, with a real microphone, and a real spotlight focussed on you. And perhaps as many as 200 people hearing you tell that great tale. And then imagine that on that same stage, that same evening, 9 other people tell a story, some about a date gone bad, another that will remind listeners of true love, others yet bringing a tear to people’s eyes when they hear it.

There are great stories out there, yours being one of them. And the folks at CarlAnn Productions want to make it so that more people have an opportunity to hear these great stories told. So if you love to hear, and perhaps tell, great, well-crafted, stories that are true, and personal, that foster empathy and shine a light on the commonality of human experience, then you might want to come to Centro Basco Bar & Grill on the second Tuesday of every month (except December), at 7pm, for our monthly competitive storytelling event, called Ichny Central. Why that strange name? Well, “Central” refers to the address of Centro Basco Bar & Grill, which is 13432 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710.

“Ichny” is a term of endearment for the noble Ichneumonidae, a cute parasitic wasp which lays her eggs in the larvae of various moths. How that name came to be is a story all in itself, which may, or may not, be told, on stage, at some future event.

What can you expect to happen that evening? Most people come just to hear great stories. But if you want to get on stage with your story then put your name into the hat. Ten names will be selected. Ten stories will be told. There are only four rules. 1. Stories have to be personal, that is, about yourself.

2. Stories have to be true ('though we cannot check every detail)

3. Stories cannot be longer than 6 minutes

4. Stories should have some relationship to the theme of the evening, which will be announced here every month

Stories will be judged by three teams of volunteer (and therefore amateur) judges, based on how original, well-crafted, and compelling they are. Highest point score storyteller will be invited to a final competition in November, when we will decide the winner for the year.

This event is for all adults 18 and up. Bar will be open all night. Seating limited to the first 200 people. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ichny-central-story-slam-tickets-42138142318 , or, if not sold out, at the door.

The folks at CarlAnn Productions would love for you to help get the word out, so please, like them on Facebook at “Ichny Central”, and share with your friends.

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Live, competitive storytelling at its finest!

John Vandonk

Live, competitive storytelling at its finest!

Centro Basco

Live, competitive storytelling at its finest!

Centro Basco Bar & Grill

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