What we're about

Who should join :

Anyone interested in

• VLSI Hardware Design • High Performance and Low Power FPGA/GPU/ASIC implementations for AI/ML/Gaming/AR/VR • Programmable interconnects/interfaces • Cloud computing • Edge Computing• IOT • Smart Hardware Applications • Logic and Circuit Designers • VLSI students • Seeking Semiconductor Hardware Jobs • Seeking Semiconductor Hardware Employees


Goal of the Meetup :

Discuss the latest trends in Hardware for IOT, Machine Learning, AI and Cloud :

• What is the optimum solution for low power and high performance for ML/AI in the cloud and on the edge.

• Reconfigurability of Interconnects/Logic and Interfaces... What's hot in the industry?

Share the information on :

• Who's hiring • What they are looking for • What are the gaps between requirement and your experience and how you plan to bridge it ?

Members can share their experiences and hear from peers and Industry Veterans ...


How can you contribute to the growth of this group :

• Send us VLSI Hardware related topics that you are interested in.

• Let us know if you can speak on any interesting and trending hardware related topic for 1/2 hour keeping the audience fully engaged or know of anyone who can. Please submit Bio-Data and a Summary of the topic.

• If you are an employer who has job openings, please feel free to post it at the Chip Chat meet up page and let us know if you want to make an announcement at the next meetup.

• Let us know if you can sponsor one of the meetups at your company.

• Last but not least please let us know how we can improve.

Please email to chatchip6@gmail.com


Who are we :

Chip Chat Committee : Rambabu Pyapali, Hari Sathianathan, Sriram Radhakrishna, Nitish Natu, Wenbo Yin

Thanks to Padmini Pyapali, Shalini Pyapali and Amitt Mahajan for their encouragement and support for starting this meetup.

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