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Dear colleagues,

BeAgile.MD Meetup is a concept powered by @BeAgileMD, having 3 main goals:

1) to share knowledge and practical experience in Agile Project Management and Product Development;

2) to create a wide network of local Agile & Lean Management specialists;

3) to make Moldova more Agile and Lean as a result of our close collaboration with coworking places, local companies and startups.

Agile is more than just meetings like planning, review, retrospective and daily standups. It's a mindset that includes values, principles, practices, processes and tools. And Agility is about collaboration and teamwork, commitment and efficiency, continuous delivery and feedback with the aim to maximize the product value.

And How we are going to maximize the value?

Well, via an iterative and incremental approach and not only...

Join us and you will have the opportunity to learn more:

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@BeAgileMD Team

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