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Opening a hailing frequency to Star Trek fans in the area!

Whether you grew up watching Captain Kirk or just jumped into things with Discovery, you're welcome here. This Meetup exists to bring people together for activities like movie nights, playing board games or just gathering over hot mugs of raktajino at a local coffeehouse to discuss our favorite moments from one of the greatest sci fi franchises.

Beam aboard and let's grow the community!

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🖖 Movie Night: Deep Space Nine at the Palace Cinema 9!

On Monday, May 13th the Palace Cinema 9 will be showing a new documentary "What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space 9". This is a 2 hour and ten minute behind the scenes look at one of the best shows of the 90's, featuring interviews with a ton of the cast and crew. If you're a hardcore Niner or just love Star Trek this should be a great night! More information about the film can be found at https://ds9documentary.com/ The official trailer is at https://youtu.be/D4LPDX6uqSM If anyone who would like to get dinner together before the movie we'll meet at Zen Gardens at 5:45 PM. The restaurant is across the street from the theater. All are welcome!

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Ten Forward Board Game Night!

Panera Bread

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