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A business, lifestyle entrepreneurship and personal development mastermind group based on the principles of James Altucher's best-seller Choose Yourself ( ).

With the rapid advancement of technologies, our world is changing at a breath-taking rate. And while this is all very exciting, there are are significant repercussions that will radically shift reality as we know it.

One of them is the idea of job security at global corporations.

Technologies have already replaced a great portion of manual labor across the world. With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) however, technologies now threaten the jobs of educated white-collar workers.

According to some estimates of Oxford University, up to 50% of in the US are now at risk from computerization.

Some predictions indicate that as many as 90% of the jobs could be replaced by robots by the end of the century.

While this may sound scary, on the other side of this coin is freedom, flexibility, living a life of meaning, at your own terms, doing only things you love, pursuing your passion and working because you want to, not because you need to.

This is what Choose Yourself is all about.

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