What we're about

We live in a fast paced world where fast or processed foods and constant stressors serve as the daily diet.

Our toxic environment creates mood swings, hormone disruptions and compromised immunity.

Our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs constrict us and block us from achieving a life of wellness, purpose and abundance.

What alternatives do we have?

Are there really nutrient dense super foods out there that are both delicious and easily accessible?

How can we strengthen our immune system naturally without the use of drugs or vaccines?

What resources and wisdom can we draw from understanding natural laws and principles?

This Choose Vibrant Health meetup group offers experiential wellness playshops aimed at eliciting a heightened sense of joy and wellbeing through talks, demos, workshops, teleclass and retreats providing education in the areas of whole food nutrition, essential oil infused wellness lifestyle from DIY natural beauty and home to healthy cooking, yoga and meditation, light crystals and vibrational energy alignment.

ZYTO Balance Bioscans may be offered at our essential oils based workshops and events where we demonstrate how your body can easily communicate to you its priority preference for physical and emotional support in minutes.

We look forward to inviting like-minded wellness practitioners to share their unique skills and knowledge base to add value to this community.

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