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We live in a fast paced world where fast or processed foods and constant stressors serve as the daily diet.

Our toxic environment creates mood swings, hormone disruptions and compromised immunity.

Our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs constrict us and block us from achieving a life of wellness, purpose and abundance.

What alternatives do we have?

Are there really nutrient dense super foods out there that are both delicious and easily accessible?

How can we strengthen our immune system naturally without the use of drugs or vaccines?

What resources and wisdom can we draw from understanding natural laws and principles?

This Choose Vibrant Health meetup group offers experiential wellness playshops aimed at eliciting a heightened sense of joy and wellbeing through talks, demos, workshops, teleclass and retreats providing education in the areas of whole food nutrition, essential oil infused wellness lifestyle from DIY natural beauty and home to healthy cooking, yoga and meditation, light crystals and vibrational energy alignment.

ZYTO Balance Bioscans may be offered at our essential oils based workshops and events where we demonstrate how your body can easily communicate to you its priority preference for physical and emotional support in minutes.

We look forward to inviting like-minded wellness practitioners to share their unique skills and knowledge base to add value to this community.

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LIVE YOUR PASSION: CHI-TO-BE! Essential Oils Chakra Meditation MARKHAM

What transformation do you desire for your personal, health and business goals? LIVE YOUR PASSION by improving your focus and clarity and honing your abundance attractors to achieve success! Join Core Vitality Coach Angela Shim to experience 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges ... CHI-TO-BE! CHI GENERATING ESSENTIAL OILS CHAKRA MEDITATION The Chi-To-Be! Process developed by author, speaker and coach Stacey Hall is an innovative balance of the yin and yang energies required to achieve — and more importantly, sustain — success. The 11 Chi-To-Be! Energy Surges support you in activating your intuition by aligning your intentions. These Energy Surges will uplift, harmonize and energize you to aCHIeve all of your life’s goals with velocity and ease. Visit www.chi-to-be.com (http://www.chi-to-be.com/) to find out more about this movement. BE Energized — BE Powerful — Keep Your Eye on Your B-All*! * B-All: A person’s Be-All, End-All Goal to be achieved during this lifetime (meditate on this before you come) #1: Scheduling For Success #2: Do It Your Way…Any Way You Can #3: Tending To Your B-All Garden #4: Focusing for Energy Generation #5: Harmoniously Powerful Agreements #6: The Power of Love #7: Chi Generating Rituals #8: Keeping Your Chi Moving #9: Re-Charging Your Inner Chi #10: The Solution To Know What To Do Every Time #11: Personal Accountability DATE: Saturday April 20, 2019 TIME: 2-4pm PLACE: Vibrant Balance HQ, 51 Brittany Crescent, Markham, ON - (Off Village Parkway, North of Birchmount & Hwy 7) Investment: $20.00 (FREE for Young Living Heart Scents Team members who bring their own Everyday Oils Collections to use) RSVP: Angela Shim, Core Vitality Coach Phone:[masked] Email: [masked]

Chemical Free Living for the Entire Family - MARKHAM

Vibrant Balance HQ

Presented by Angela Shim, Core Vitality Coach and Ray Shim, Nutritious Food Architect CHEMICAL FREE LIVING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Our skin is like a large sponge. It absorbs traces of almost everything that comes into contact with it, both harmful and beneficial. Our babies and children, living close to the ground, are akin to the canaries in the coal mine. Many more people are choosing to embrace a chemical-free lifestyle to minimize toxic burden on their bodies and organs. Mother Nature provides a treasure trove of natural solutions to keep our homes and bodies clean. Time to rid your bathrooms and kitchens of toxic agents and go au naturel! Discover effective and safe solutions with essential oil infused personal care and home care products to enhance vitality for the entire family! DATE: SATURDAY MAY 18, 2019 TIME: 2-4pm PLACE: Vibrant Balance HQ, 51 Brittany Crescent, Markham, ON COST: FREE CONTACT: Angela Shim, Core Vitality Coach cell:[masked] email: [masked]

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