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Our Perceptions of Dysmorphia

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    Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice. Existentialism is of the view that humans define and determine their own meaning in life despite living in an apparently absurd and irrational universe. The purpose of this group is to discuss existentialism and other allied subjects in a practical manner with the idea of promoting a deeper understanding in us of this existence we are part of.

    Typically, each group discussion will begin with a specific theme or subject as a starting point. But, as all the proposed topics generally lead into each other, the boundaries will be fluid.

    Discussions on these matters will be done in a friendly and non-judgmental setting, and always focusing on the individual, their own life and how the current subject matter applies to them rather than searching for an elusive academic or final truth.

    The group is open to those interested in the intellectual and emotional understandings we can gain into our lives and our existence through authentic discussions.

    If you find these ideas interesting, we hope you will come along and join us.


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