What we're about

You may be a highly successful, educated, and confident person, but have you often wondered if there might be something deeper to life than what you've found so far?

Are you deeply curious about existence?

Are you willing to follow the path towards truth - wherever it might lead you?

Do you like serious, authentic inquiry and conversation among bright, curious people?

If you answered yes to some of the foregoing questions, then you might like what this group is about.

Is this group 'spiritual'? Not necessarily. You can have a spiritual orientation or not - it doesn't matter.

Are we into 'woo', mystical beliefs, candles, crystals and faith? No, we are not.


A seemingly complex and forbidding topic. But it isn't, really.

Existentialist Angst is a state of anxiety that came over many people as the apparent wisdom of religious teachings began to fade in the face of the rising power of science.

No longer could people simply trust the church's teachings to give them a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

People began to ask, "What is all of this for?" "Why are we here and why do we die and what does it all mean?" And not having any good answers, anxiety arose.

Existentialist Philosophy is the school of thought that arose to try to deal with these questions and to somehow defuse them.

Existentialist Philosophy not withstanding, these anxieties still very much exist today. And they affect most of us; though we may not call what we feel, "Existential Angst".

We will discuss many of the causes of existentialist angst. And we will explore many of the illusions that afflict us in this regard and some of the insights that can free us from unnecessary pain and confusion.

In a typical meeting in this group, we will begin with a short introductory discussion of the evening's topic. This simply serves to get us focused on the topic. This could run from five minutes to 15; but never more.

Thereafter, either a free-form discussion will begin among the group (as equals) or a round-robin will ensue in which we each speak in turn upon the night's topic.

We will seldom stay cleanly on one topic. Many of the topics we will discuss easily, and not inappropriately, merge one into each other. So, while we may begin on one topic, before we're done we may have touched on many.

Discussions on these matters will be done in a friendly and non-judgmental setting, and always focusing on the individual, their own life and how the current subject matter applies to them rather than searching for an elusive academic or final truth.

The group is open to those interested in the intellectual and emotional understandings we can gain into our lives and our existence through authentic discussions.

Note that this group 'embraces' silence.

What does that mean? Only that if a space opens up between one person's comments and the next, we will be open to it; we will accept and embrace it. Comfort with random moments of silence is itself a skill.

If you find these ideas interesting, we hope you will come along and join us.

If you want to know more about, myself, the organizer of this meetup group, please read this: https://samadhisoft.com/2021/06/11/changes/

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