What we're about

Primary Objectives:

• Grow the awareness, knowledge and utilisation of Lean / Continuous Improvement practices within companies in the greater Christchurch region.

• Connect these companies to share and learn from each other, fostering ongoing business to business relationships outside the Network Events and Forums.

• Through industry leadership develop the leading Lean / Continuous Improvement Network in the country.

Network Principles

• Open to any company involved in Lean / Continuous Improvement in the greater Christchurch region.

• Listen to industry to create Events and Forums that provide value to the members

• Events or Forums to be run quarterly and focussed on Lean / Continuous Improvement

• No fee membership to join the Network or attend Events or Forums

• Professional respect and confidentially

• Hosting costs are the responsibility of the Host Company including their time and refreshments.

• Host Company reserves the right to respectively decline attendance to other companies or organisations entirely at their discretion.

• Attendees per event to be determined by the company.

• Event or Forum registrations accepted on a “first in first” served basis however we will give prefence to industry professionals over continuous improvement consultants.

• Administration of the Network to simple and administratively “light”

Supporting Framework:

• Facilitated by the Christchurch Lean Network Administration Team (John Hamilton, Peter Cox, Matt Carran, Steve Beckett, Chris Benn, Sam Terrell, Diana Rhodes)

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