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Join a Laughter Yoga Workshop
• What we'll do Laughter Yoga employs no humour, jokes or comedy and participants are invited to laugh for no reason at all. Anyone can do it. Laughter Yoga is a deceptively simple yet very powerful form of exercise, combining laughter exercises with yogic breathing (quite different from traditional yoga with postures). It teaches you to make happiness a choice and not a consequence. Whether fake or genuine, laughter has measurable psychological and physiological benefits, including: the release of endorphins and serotonin; decreases levels of stress hormones; beats depression and anxiety; boosts the immune system; increases circulation; floods the body with oxygen; is an aerobic exercise; improves communication and creativity; increases Killer T Cell production, which helps fight cancer; Laughter is our body’s natural antidote to stress and as natural as breathing, we just need a gentle reminder to do it. Visit the Lotus Community Wellbeing Trust for more information on Laughter Yoga, or contact Hannah Airey (hannah[at] or[masked]). • What to bring No special equipment is needed • Important to know There is a small charge of $3

Scottish Society Hall, corner of Edgeware and Caledonian Roads, St Albans

Edgeware and Caledonian Roads, St Albans · Christchurch