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A group where polyglots, and language lovers can meet together, discuss language learning and improve our language skills together. You don't need to be a 'polyglot' to join us - whether you are learning your second language or your tenth language, you are most welcome. Come and help create a vibrant language learning community in Christchurch.

The purpose of this group is:
1. To bring language learners/lovers/users together in a fun, social environment.
2. To share techniques, resources and ideas to help each other with our language learning journey.
3. To provide opportunities for members to converse with other speakers of their target language(s).
4. To provide an opportunity for members to develop their own language exchange partners through connections they make at the meetings and also by working together with other local language conversation groups.
5. To help members develop their skills switching between languages by allowing a multilingual environment.
6. To make new friends and discover new cultures through languages.

We plan to hold our meetings using several different formats. To begin with, an event where we could all practice any languages that we may have in common. As the membership grows, we could from time to time have hold events which focus on on different languages such as Chinese. If you have any ideas/suggestions for this group or are otherwise interested in helping us organize events, then we'd love to hear from you!

Please join our Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chchlanguagemeetup/

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Japanese/English Language Exchange ~ 日本語/英語 ランゲージ エクスチェンジ

Event on Facebook:

As this is also advertised on our Facebook group, we will have more people joining us from there.


It's time for our next Japanese Meetup!

Are you learning Japanese and would like to practice speaking? Are you a native Japanese speaker and would like to practice English? Let's get together for another relaxed chat with coffee at 10.30am on Saturday 23rd October at Terry's Cafe, which is in The Atrium of the ANZ Centre, which is at 246 High Street, Christchurch CBD. You can enter the Atrium either from Colombo street, next to Macpac, or from High Street. The cafe is labelled Number 3 on the map below.

All levels of both Japanese and English are welcome. In order to get the most benefit, please try to spend an equal amount of time speaking both Japanese & English. The Japanese/English Language Exchange will be fairly open format, so please just introduce yourself to other participants and feel free to talk about any topic - wherever the discussion leads. Let's work together to improve our spoken language skills.

When: Saturday 23rd October at 10.30am.
Where: Terry's Cafe (in The Atrium of the ANZ Centre, which is at 246 High Street, Christchurch CBD)
Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
Cost: FREE . Please just purchase something to eat or drink.

Please RSVP to attend.

We may also have lunch together at Riverside afterwards for those who would like to join us.


日時:10/23(土)AM 10:30(1.5時間~2時間)
場所:Terry's Cafe (in The Atrium of the ANZ Centre, which is at 246 High Street, Christchurch CBD)
チャットタイム: 1.5 〜2時間


日本語と英語と両方話せる時間をそれぞれ平等に持って、この“日本語と英語を交換することで それぞれ、日本語と英語とスキルアップできる”というすばらしい機会をぜひご利用ください。

まだまだWITH コロナ、
MEETUP にご参加の方々へは、ドリンクまたは何かご注文の程よろしくお願いします!

Please RSVP to attend.

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