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The Christchurch TPN is a great forum to keep up with what’s happening in the industry, share ideas, learn new concepts, and meet other Testing Professionals.

We hold regular meetings with presentations by local and international speakers. So if you're interested in software testing and the testing profession, join up and come along to one of our events. We'd love to meet you there!

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Christchurch Calling Chennai & Scrum Basics

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaker 1: Tori Milligan - Senior Test Analyst Topic: Christchurch Calling Chennai -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My observations of working as a tester in a remote team based in India Over the past year I've been a tester for a scrum team in Chennai India I joined the team with an biased Kiwi culture view which initially prevented me from fully connecting with my colleagues. Once I started to learn the differences between our cultures I was able develop a better relationship with my team. This will be an overview of what I learnt about the differences between Kiwi and Indian work cultures. I also hope its a chance for us to challenge our own cultural biases so we can create better work connections. About Speaker 1: ----------------------- Over the last 12 years of working in I.T. I have come to understand the following lessons: * Keep communicating - whether it's in my own team, the project team or with the business users. It keeps the project wheels rolling and avoids misunderstandings or assumptions. * Be in to win - keep positive and spread it around the team. All projects have their low points and its during that time that I keep my upbeat attitude to keep moral up. * Embrace new skills - even though I have worked as a test analyst, I have also dabbled in requirement analysis and gathering, development (4gl), user training, help desk issues, reporting for project management, setting up virtual machines, setting up team meetings, the list goes on... New skills challenge and excite me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaker 2: Leon Maritz - Software Developer - Organizer of Agile events Topic: Basics of Scrum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will talk about the basics of Scrum, empiricism, complexity, roles, artifacts, and events. Common complaints from Testers at the beginning of Scrum adoption. What you can do to help the team learn and grow. Let's discuss Scrum and Testing in a safe environment where any question is valuable and we can learn from different experiences. About Speaker 2: ----------------------- Leon has been working in software for many years and over that time it has simply become more and more important in our lives. For him, Agile software development, is a mindset, a culture, a set of values and principles, but mostly a way of having knowledge workers work in teams successfully. He is trying to do his part to make New Zealand knowledge workers a bit more competitive in a very big world of software development by supporting the Agile Community in Christchurch and the wider New Zealand by helping with the Agile Professionals Network and Agile Alliance New Zealand.

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