What we're about

This is an established group with a core group that isn't reflected by the Meetup RSVP's so don't worry about a class that is uncomfortably small. Currently the class is being held at a private home, in great open space. Serving the beginner who has never acted or the seasoned professional this acting class provides a faith friendly, Christian environment to study the craft of acting. Ages 18 up (Minors 13 and up can participate with accompanying parent or guardian). Focus will be on Method acting, camera work, and scene study. The core work is based on the Method as taught by Lee Strasberg, but many other influences and approaches are introduced to the class. Students need not enroll for the entire course to participate (there are no contracts), and even new students are encouraged to start at any time because even one class is beneficial due to the nature of study. However maximum benefit and artistic growth require commitment. We are associated with Poiema Christian Fellowship and although this is a faith friendly environment, you don't need to be a Christian to benefit or participate. We make every attempt to cultivate an environment of respect and artistic growth to anyone who wants to study acting. Each class has a $15. Classes are 3hrs. long. We meet Thursday evenings from 7PM-10PM Location: 6702 Country Circle, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648