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Hi - we are a group of 25+ year old people who for whatever reason find ourselves separated or single at the moment. Auckland is just so busy with work, travel etc etc - where do you go just to relax and meet people with similar (or different :) ) interests to you? The founders are all Christians - but that's not essential - if you are a person who respects and enjoys others, then you'd be most welcome. We're not a 'match-up' group either, so you are very welcome if you are a couple as well. We plan to have one or two things on a month. Generally very informal. Maybe meet in a pub once a month for a drink and a meal. Pot luck dinners, a walk, dancing lessons, restaurant, movie night etc etc. Any ideas welcome! Just let me know!

kind regards, Peter

Past events (3)

Drinks and dinner (?) at Horse and Trap, Mt Eden

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Pot luck dinner

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Christian Social Activity Group

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