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This is a different type of Christian bible study. This will be an open forum for discussion where we will write down our theories and conclusions based upon fresh and old ideas . . . to form short written works and illustrations to be share based upon our combined minds. This work together will build our knowledge as we create a "take home" for all that is not easily forgotten. This group is led by a born-again Christians filled with the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. We are not afraid of knowledge and will explore the depths of it to bring out new revelation to the world in the Name of Christ! Do you love the Lord? Do you have a desire to write about His works on earth in a creative way? Do you love history? Do you believe what you see is more real than what you know? Truth really is stranger then fiction!

Warning! This group will venture into a library of knowledge of both good and evil as we safely navigate through the hidden treasures within the world . . . . trusting the Holy Ghost to help us gather and judge the information and correctly divide it. We believe we are mature enough to read all that God has given to the world for ourselves . . . unashamed and unafraid . . . . as we DEVOUR only the good fruits and CAST OUT the ones that are dead!

This group will work to explore various events recorded in biblical as well as secular history (looking at the Egyptian gods over thrown by Moses to align with the fallen angels found in the Book of Enoch, we will also open up the book of Jasher, etc. as well as other historical Literature and other events that affected and limited the growing of spirit led church throughout the ages). We will discuss the alignment and loss of knowledge in books of yesterday and today to point an audience to the coming of Christ as depicted in the Book of Revelation . . . . in a creative way? Come, let us reason together!

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