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In the church, young adult singles are struggling to develop real relationships with others believers in their stage of life. In part, this is because we are spread out among different churches, sometimes we are busy on the one night that there is something going on, and this is also due to our society's increasingly less social environment. But frankly, for the majority of us, this is because most churches don't have something for our particular demographic in place. When they do, it’s typically just a weekly bible study.

As a single 20-something, I, like many of you, no longer fit into that “college and career” category that churches seem to try to stuff us into (until we get married and start having families). Most groups at church for people post-college or over the age of 23 are for couples or couples with kids. I know there are a lot of singles between 22-39 in today’s world (as people are getting married later), and yet the church is failing to provide us with a community of believers in our age/stage of life. A lot of it has to do with the church's struggle to reach our generation, but even still, there are plenty of us around- we just aren’t in one place. We are spread out among many different churches with just a few at each one. So, I wanted to provide an opportunity for us to meet each other and come together for fun, fellowship and bible study without having to change churches to do so!

So, if you want to make some like-minded friends, this group is for you! We are geared towards fun activities and building friendships, but we also hold a monthly bible study. This is not meant to replace church. While the church is not perfect, we still stand by it and encourage each other to find a church home and get involved if you aren’t already. This group should simply supplement one’s church involvement.

See our official CYAC Bylaws, Rules, Core Values and Core Beliefs here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MFD0oBUAg53Ie0sseHUlUA1wVCWSjwcwc-osZyeRkNY/edit?usp=sharing

But here is a quick look at the rules:

-People of all Christian denominations will qualify for membership. Everyone is welcome, but full membership should be reserved for those who claim to be believers.

-Attendees must be between the ages of 22-39 at the time of joining the group.

-All people in the group must, at all times, be legally single, divorced, or widowed.

At the time of membership, no member should be engaged or married. They may however, be in a dating relationship.

-As members eventually (and inevitably) begin new romantic relationships, (be it with those inside or outside of the group) they will be allowed to remain a member of the group until their wedding date. After such time, they will fit into typical church circles and will no longer need our group.

-Excessive foul, obscene or inappropriate language/behavior are not permitted by members of the group. All members are to accept everyone and act graciously towards each other, but the acting President, or any of the acting officers, reserve the right to address the issue with anyone acting inappropriately. This includes behavior both online and in-person.

If the person has been spoken to individually, and they continue this behavior, the issue may need to be addressed further, and may result in removal from the group.

-There will be no events surrounding alcohol. Hosted events (such as events where the group provides food and beverage) will not include alcohol. Also, events will not be held at locations that were created for the sole or main purpose of drinking. However, anyone in the group has the ability to order alcohol at any event using their own judgement. It is the responsibility of members and officers to assist someone they believe has consumed too much alcohol.

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