What we're about

The Christianity Explored course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters. So join us for the 4-week course as we explore Christianity and think through what life's all about in your own way.

Each week will, of course, kick-off with food and refreshments so come hungry!

After everyone gets a bite to eat, we will kick off our study for the week. You won't be asked to pray, sing or read aloud, and you can ask any questions you like. Or, if you prefer, you can just enjoy the dialogue.

Each week of the course, we will watch a DVD or listen to a short talk. We'll also explore three questions together:

1. Who is Jesus?
2. Why did Jesus come?
3. What does it mean for us?

The course is broken up into four sessions focused on specifc topics, so feel free to join us for just one or all four!

Week 1: April 30, Who Is Jesus?

Week 2: May 7, Why Did He Come?

Week 3: May 14, Why Did He Die?

Week 4: May 21, Why Does the Resurrection Matter?

You don't need to bring anything other than your curiosity as we will provide all the necessary materials. We look forward to meet all of you!

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Why Did Jesus Come?

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Office

Who Is Jesus?

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Office

Discuss "Grace"

Needs a location

Discuss "Resurrection"

Needs a location

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