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There's several places to go. We could do a more centralized spot like Camelback, or South Mountain, or we could go further out and do something else.

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    FROM THE NEW ORGANIZER: At this time, even though the "Organizer" has changed, the original "goal"(description) of this group[see below] is going to stay the same as it was originally intended. As of now, each sub-group meeting(event) will have their own democratic process to determine all decisions that impact the respective sub-group [Ex. Meeting dates, times, locations, etc.].

    WHY DID I CHANGE THE NAME ??: Because I feel that this group should NOT just be about current Christians making new Christian Friends. Ya, that's all fine; but instead, I would like you guys to shift the direction of your focus a bit.... Please think about making one new "interesting friend" to every new Christian friend that you make. Jesus came, saw, felt, and concquered, using no sword; but instead LOVE and acceptance of others. While using "the best of the best" to spread his teachings? -- WRONG!! While using some of "the worst of the worst" to spread his teachings - a murderer, a... [ ya know what, I'll just stop there.] ...a murderer is who Jesus accepted as a friend and loved one to spread his teachings. SO, go out and make a "new interesting friend" and then invite them to one of your events. Go, and love your neighbor(s)... [ ALL of your neighbors ], while you make new friends from diverse backgrounds ;-D

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