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This is a group specifically for women* in their 20's-40's who are living with chronic illness and are seeking a community of people who understand, and can help inspire HOPE. I've personally been part of several support groups and online forums which have mostly not been helpful and actually felt quite depressing. When living with illness, it's so important to a) Be heard, and b) Infuse hope and gratitude into your daily life. There's ups and downs in this life, especially with chronic illness, and I'm learning the importance of being honest & raw, whilst seeking to have a positive outlook. It's a balance. I invite you to join me in finding this balance and finding your unique, empowering voice amidst all the hardships that come with illness.

I started this group as a means to create a sense of community. In the beginning it may take some time to get consistent members, so even if I have 1 consistent member who attends, I will keep having the meetings! I'm curious to see how many younger (20's-40's) women in the Bay Area deal with chronic illness and are seeking a similar path towards wellness. Living with chronic illness means we have good days and we have hard days. It's important that we support each other, wherever we're at on our journey. Authenticity is so important. And I'm hoping we can all be brought to an even higher vibration as a result of this group. As long as you have a willing spirit to see the other sides of your condition and truly seek healing of the mind/body/spirit, this group is for you. This group is a place to explore other methods of healing, collectively, and also a safe place where diversity of thought is welcome. Religion is to be left outside, but spirituality is welcome.

A little about me- I have been dealing with chronic illness for 10 years, mostly chronic digestive issues and severe fatigue (might be CFS), and have watched my mother suffer for 30+ years with CFS. I used to feel negative and hopeless about my situation, but in recent years, I've learned the silver lining that comes with it and all the beautiful ways I've grown and become a better person because of it. I recently started a blog on wellness & healing. It's still rough and in development, and you can check it out if you wish:
I'm also an artist, designer, and writer. Creatives are quite welcome, as well as any other types of beautiful souls. Cultivating a spiritual practice has also been hugely important to me, as I'm constantly seeking ways to continue self growth / self improvement. I recently became Reiki 1 Attuned, and enjoy working with healing energy.

Let's start out meeting twice a month (every other week) and take it from there. If it gets popular and well liked, I'm open to having it every week. We'll be meeting at my super cozy home in Oakland near Lake Merritt. I have a cat, for those with allergies. And there are 2 flights of stairs with no wheelchair access, unfortunately. But if we get enough people and you need assistance, we can see about carrying you up the stairs :)
I'd like to start the meetings by getting to know each other. I'll provide a topic for discussion and we can all discuss our thoughts. Meditation and mindfulness will be incorporated. I also have ideas in the future for events outside of the home, when it feels good and restorative for the group. I'm also open to finding the best, consistent time in the week to meet. So it may fluctuate until we find an optimal time for the majority of people.

*Note- I'd like to see if I can make this a women's only (or woman-identified) group, just because we tend to open up more in that setting. But I'm open to reconsidering that at some point.

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