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I spent 12-12-12 on a mountain top in Sedona, Arizona. As we brought in the new... a Spiritual Advisor /Shaman walked straight up to me (seemingly on the air as I stood at the edge of a cliff). I listened as the soft drumming and flutist created song for us to gently drift off. I immediately went into a trans as he spoke to me.

"It is time, you (there are many of us) we are to bring in the new. I am to teach and to help the new come in."

We are all learning. If this is you, please come and join our group as we learn about healing, Reiki, healing aspects of crystals and gemstones, using L-Rods or Pendulums to locate lost items, energy fields, Lay Lines - we have tons of Lay Lines across this area, there is so much to learn, I can't even begin to express all of what I long to teach.

First off, my home is located on blessed land that the Chumash thrived on for 8,000 years. My house is haunted, in a good way. We have many wonderful spirits that come and go. All good, all healers, this is a home of healing.

You have to be ok with that. There will be the odd footsteps walking about. People who have the gift of sight will be able to see them - they are all over. But they are all good.

I have lay-lines that cross my property. This is a spiritual place of healing, of awakening, learning.

Please come and join us.

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Deborah's House

Hi - my <3 Briscoe (the smaller/older Pom) passed away - I just need some healing time - so tomorrow - 6-22 - we will just hold off till next week- thank you for understanding

Wednesday Night Reiki Circle is an evening when those interested in holistic energy healing can learn about and experience Reiki, plus learn and experiance the benefits of healing using gemstones and crystals. As a crystal healer, I like to add gemstones and crystals to my healing sessions. Another element would be the sound bath - for some the sound bath is concert of sound to help calm the mind, while others will find the sound to be deeply healing.

It’s an opportunity for all lineages and levels to come together to practice, ask questions, share experiences, give and receive healing in a group setting.

No experience is required – all are welcome $10 donation.

My Reiki Circles are both for newbies and students of Reiki . Together we create a space for the like-minded to bask in the collective consciousness using Reiki energy. These bi-monthly Reiki Circles are community based for those looking to plug in to the Spiritual Conscious Life –Force Energy in a group setting. And it gives those who have never experienced Reiki a chance to see, feel and know what it is all about.

Each person who comes will have the opportunity to receive Reiki. And all are welcome to participate in the giving of Reiki as well.

Deborah is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Reader and She is a Crystal Healer. People who are crystal healers do call crystals and gemstones to assist them in their healing efforts. Deborah has been studying the healing abilities of crystals for years.

Her parents, as multi-generational healers and/or with intuitive abilities (on both sides of the family), made the decision early on to move to California away from the East-Coast influence and to afford their children as “normal a life possible”- to grow up enjoying childhood and become adults; always downplaying any abilities that would surface through the years. Yet, she was allowed to participate in the laying on of hands healing at the church. Yes, that was allowed. Hmmmmm.

Naturally as an Intuitive growing up, she found she didn't fit in, so she suppressed this ability to fit into the world. As it was the desire of her parents that she enjoy a normal life. Until everything came to a crashing point.

It was 5 years to the day after her parents passed, that she met and remembered a friend from a past life. It was from that chance meeting that everything in her life came crashing forward and she finally was free to understand who she was. She then was on the fast track to catch up to all of the remembering, of who she was, her abilities to heal, her intuition and especially the calling of the crystals who have agreed to participate and remain such an important part to her healing efforts.

Deborah is a married to Dave, a Geologist and mom to 2 adult children and 3 furry children.


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