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What we're about

This group may be for you if you are a Christian holding to the authority of Scripture and any of the following apply:

· You are horrified by the liberalism, political correctness, and the leaven of the Pharisees that has crept into the church.

· You have a passion to bring biblical change to the church in America or to your church in particular, but have met up with frustration, stonewalling, ostracism from leaders or fellow church members, or have been sidelined or expelled for speaking out.

· You have a difficult time fitting in into any church you’ve been to and might enjoy fellowship centered on church reform. You don’t get excited about the status quo but are highly energized by the notion of working with others to change the status quo.

· You are courageous and not afraid to speak truth to power, but feel your current methods for addressing issues in your church are largely ineffective.

· You are perhaps not inclined to speak out but know that something must be done in your church situation and could use the help, support, and perspective of Christian friends from outside your church situation.

· You who feel alone in a difficult or controlling church situation and would like outside input and support.

· You have a general passion for church reform and desire to take back the church in America for Christ. (In other words, members need not have a particular church issue they’re dealing with or even be part of a particular church, but may desire to be involved in helping and strengthening others in their situations with an eye for reforming the church overall.)

· You desire to look beyond immediate issues and work with others to dig down to the root causes of problems in the churches, coming up with cutting-edge, out-of-the-box biblical solutions.

· You are disturbed about what’s going on within your church but are uncertain of the biblical boundaries for addressing the issues, your church leaders, or your fellow church members.

· You who want to learn how to better deal with difficult church situations and find better ways to make your objections heard, learning principles and developing strategies to keep your message and concerns from being ignored or snuffed out before having their effect.

· You think you might want to lead a church reform group of your own – either within a particular church or focusing on a particular issue among churches.

· You are looking for a powerful church with strong families and strong Christians – not just a few overly central leaders – and are willing to go to work on this from right from your present situation with the help and support of group members.

· You have a desire to stand in the truth within your church and to help others stand likewise in what they know to be true.

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