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A church building has been purchased in Hollywood, Florida to offer services that go beyond those of traditional religions. The intention is for every service to provide non-commercial information about novel ways of extending our healthy lifespans, and to then have a social gathering afterwards with healthy food served. The church comfortably seats about 170 people, with maximum occupancy in this building of around 270. There is just enough parking to accommodate this many attendees. The church will have an experienced adult to provide child care services for the evening. There is also have a sound proof "baby/children room" with a window to view the services for the convenience of parents that wish to attend with little ones.

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"Biological Immortality is REAL"

Online event

John Asher talks about living a Longer, Healthier Life

The Church of Perpetual Life

Liz Parrish describes how gene therapy can rejuvenate humans

The Church of Perpetual Life

Potluck Bedford Day Celebration with movies and a presentation

The Church of Perpetual Life

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