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The mission of this group is to connect experienced Strategy Board Game Enthusiasts in the San Antonio/Austin Area that are fans of tabletop board games with epic themes and complex and engaging strategy. These games generally take the extra commitment of time and might require anywhere from 3 to 10 hours or more to play. They may have themes of War, History, Politics, Fantasy/Science Fiction or Economics. Some examples of the games we will play are: Twilight Imperium, Rune Wars, Paths of Glory, Empire of the Sun, Hannibal, StarCraft the Board Game, Virgin Queen, all Axis and Allies Variants, Space Empire 4X, PAX Romana and War of the Ring to name a few.

I started this group to find like minded individuals who share the same passion to play these games and are willing to meet up once maybe twice a month on a weekend. Although there are a lot of groups in the area, none really catered, I felt, to the types of games I like playing. Initial meet up would take place at my home and expand as the group grows. Generally want to keep the group to a dedicated few that are willing to commit.

Please join if this is something you’d like to do, this would be an adult environment, so no kids.

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