Creating and running high performance engineering teams


It’s a non-negotiable skill for any engineering leader to build a high-performing engineering team within the organisation that always delivers results. If you’re looking towards developing a high-performing team, then we have exciting news for you.

We are happy to announce our upcoming meetup with Edson Ferreira, Head of Engineering (Digital Platform) at Lloyds Banking Group, hosted by Nanda Padmaraju, Senior Vice President at Cigniti Technologies. Edson will be sharing his knowledge on creating and running high-performance engineering teams.

Meetup Agenda:
4:00 to 4:30 PM (GMT) – Meet & Greet; Food & Networking
4:30 to 4:40 PM (GMT) – Introduction by Nanda Padmaraju
4:40 to 5:30 PM (GMT) – Session by Edson Ferreira followed by Q&A

The session will be focused on building high performing engineering teams, the best leadership style to run a high-performance engineering and the practical ways to implement them. Edson will take you through the critical elements of integrating a high-performance engineering culture, giving stress on Servant Leadership philosophy within the organisation.
He will also guide you to identify high and low performing engineering teams and the difference between Full Stack and Specialist Engineers. After the session, you can decipher where your team needs help, how to help them, followed by important techniques for growing your high-performing team.

Session Takeaways:
• A deep understanding of the importance of running a high-
performance engineering servant leadership
• Running a high-performance engineering transformational &
situational leadership
• Individualized considerations for running a high-performance
engineering transformation
• Things that help or hinder building high performing teams at every
level of the organisation
• The secret sauce of growing and nurturing the team dynamics
• Industry principles to apply at every level for a high-performance
engineering transformation

About the speaker:
Edson is a Technology Leader and Serverless enthusiast, passionate about building, serving and inspiring high-performance Software Engineering Teams, as well as working alongside Business Stakeholders to define strategy and deliver customer value. He has over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, across multiple industries, with a proven track record of delivering High-Volume, Mission-Critical Software products, and where meeting tight deadlines, as well as delivering on Stakeholder commercial objectives is paramount.