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D&D 5e - Those Who Forget... Campaign
We're trying out a Friday night game. This may become the normal game night if this works out better for people. The Allied Kingdoms are preparing for war. Word has reached them that the Empire has gone on the offensive after the death of their Emperor. The party has cleared out the Temple of the Yuan-Ti and disposed of the false god, "The Great One." This gargantuan serpent had taken over the temple and led a small group of Yuan-Ti. Over the last several decades, the servants of the Great One had gathered a small treasure horde in homage to their "god." Finding several potions, a magic weapon and quite a bit of wealth, the party leaves the crumbling step-pyramid and makes their way back to the outpost to report to Colonel Flynn Lamora and for their next mission. The researchers from Elderbridge should have arrived by now and we may learn more from the temple and the Ancients. What have the Ancients left us? What of the empire? The silence from the other side of the mountains continues to loom. The party has leveled up to 5, and have entered tier two. What new challenges await them? * No Elves or Half-Elves permitted. All other official races accepted. * Party is now level 5, any official WotC published book classes permitted. * Feats permitted * Unofficial races, classes, feats, etc. by GM approval only. * Standard Array or Point Buy are fine. New players welcome. GM will be there 1 hour before to assist in character generation if needed. Things To Bring • Pencils • Paper • Dice • Imagination As with all our games, No Experience Necessary! If you would like, you may join the campaign on dndbeyond.

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