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We're a gathering of gamers looking to meet new people, make friends, and play a variety of systems and types of games: role-playing, board, card, miniature, whatever. We believe in getting games off your shelf and onto the table. Our unofficial motto is, "Sure, we'll play that!"

We welcome new players and new GMs to the Cincinnati area. We also function to meet other gaming-type peoples, socialize with them, and integrate all the different gaming communities within the tri-state area. We encourage all people to play and run games, especially women, LGBTQIA people, and people of color. We also exist to help players find games and help GMs find players.

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CincyCon 2021

The Butler County Fair

CincyCon 2021

AD&D (1e) – RQ1 Night of the Walking Dead, One-Shot

Timewarp Cards and Comics

Join us for a classic Halloween trick or treat: the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft module RQ1 Night of the Walking Dead, authored by the legendary game designer Bill Slavicsek. This highly acclaimed module from 1992 is a perfect introduction to the spooky gothic wickedness of Ravenloft.

Tree branches claw across the window pane, lights flicker as the storm intensifies, and the wind wails like a banshee in the night. The hour of fear is upon you, calling you back to the mists of Ravenloft for a terrifying adventure in the demiplane of dread. Can you stop the zombie lord’s evil plans, or will you submit to his will and become another member of his undead army in the night of the walking dead?

This will be a 1st Edition AD&D one-shot game with modified house rules that focus on easy playability, more useful spells, and a heavy dose of tactical combat. You will have your choice of over 20 pre-generated, 3rd to 4th level characters that feature all the old-school classes and races, including monks, barbarians, bards, illusionists, and assassins.

It’s okay if you’ve never played 1st Edition, or if you haven’t played in many years, or many decades. All you need is a sense of adventure and some basic RPG knowledge. Your Dungeon Master will have everything you need to play and will gladly help you with all the rules.

Things To Bring:
• Feedback
• Imagination

As with all our games, no experience is necessary.

Dread - Field Trip of Doom - One-Shot


It’s the 1980s and your high school class is on a field trip to a local attraction. When things go awry, the students and faculty must survive and find help, all without cell phones.

In this horror game, the players will draw from a Jenga tower for skill challenges instead of dice. This game is highly narrative with few rules.

This game may have themes and elements that are disturbing. This game is 18+; please disclose any out-of-bounds topics to the GM prior to game start.

Things To Bring

• Feedback (https://bit.ly/2ElXyiw)

• Imagination

As with all our games, No Experience Necessary.

Please be fully vaccinated and follow store, local and CDC guidelines for masking.

Halloween Board Games

Timewarp Cards and Comics

Want some spooky games to celebrate the season? Join us for an afternoon of strategy tabletop games featuring haunted houses, monsters, witches, zombies, and more. We'll have a selection of games to play and teach, or bring a favorite game to share. All experience levels welcome!

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Call of Cthulhu (7e) RPG - Lycan Colony One-Shot

Timewarp Cards and Comics

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