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Look for the Cincinnati Adventurer's Guild tent table sign on a table towards the very back of the store.

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Paragon City is a crossroads. Since the Rikti alien invasion of 2002, Paragon City has been recovering. It's giant war walls reinforced with force fields divides the city into distinct districts. The groups interfering in normal city life include gangs, organized crime, supernatural cults, aliens, and shadowy black-ops organizations. From the lost magical ruins of Oranbega deep underground to Dr. Webb's Portal Corp. on Peregrine Island to the strange Menders of the time traveling Ouroboros organization to the unstable reactor in Terra Volta to the crashed Rikti spaceship. Paragon City is the birthplace of tomorrow...

Will you take up the call? It's a Time of Heroes.

Time of Heroes is a tabletop RPG set in Paragon City from the City of Heroes MMORPG. It features easy to learn rules, quick character generation, and a detailed powers system. Inspired by the Apocalypse, the basic rules are easy to pick up and use. New rules will be subject to playtesting. Get rules and updates here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/timeofheroes/

Create a trading card here: http://www.mikewytrykus.com/apps/coh_card/

Streaming on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/timewarpcardsandcomics
PG, 18+ only.

Things To Bring

• Pencils

• Paper

• Feedback (https://bit.ly/2ElXyiw)

• Imagination

As with all our games, No Experience Necessary!